All With a Grain of Salt- Welcome!!

Hi there! Welcome to our blog! I can't believe I actually bit the bullet and decided to do this- I have been wanting to start a blog for a LONG time because I love writing and love following all things in the blogging world myself. I love the idea that blogging can help bring people together from so many different places, with so many different experiences, with the common goal of sharing your inner thoughts in an attempt to share what works for you in this CRAZY world!

Which brings me to my title- All With a Grain of Salt. I asked my husband, Aaron, who is my kick-ass co-partner in this blogging madness, to build a blog with the intention of sharing with you ladies ideas and things that I have found to be helpful, interesting, and fun in my daily life. I am by NO MEANS an expert at anything in life, but that's what I find endearing about a blog. It's just regular ol' people trying to share regular ol' ideas, so we don't all need to be reinventing the proverbial wheel in life all the time. With that said, take all things I say WITH A GRAIN OF SALT!! Maybe what I say in a blog post rings true for you and you find yourself in total agreement with me and ready to try something new....or maybe what I say sounds totally ridiculous to you, and in that case, hopefully you just think that's not for me and you take a pass on that idea for now. All I'm saying ladies is that what works for one might not work for the next, but I hope you find at least some of my posts to be helpful in someway or another....or, HEY, pass the info along to someone you know who might find the ideas interesting!

Now that you know my reasoning behind blogging, I want to share kind of how our blog will hopefully (fingers crossed) work. Originally I was going to be flying solo in this blogging endeavor because, truth be told, Aaron always made fun of me for wanting to blog. He thought it was a waste of time...BUT after asking him to build me a site, he decided HEY this is kind of fun, and he wanted to start a blog of his own as well. That's where the "couples blog" idea was born!

We thought it would be fun, if not a bit quirky and sometimes hilarious, to share a blog. Most of the time, you will be able to direct yourself to "one side" or the other of the blog site (I make his "side" of the blog sound like the dark side, hah). On our homepage you will be able to click on the GUYS blog or the GALS blog. If you choose the GUYS blog, you will see all of Aaron's streaming thoughts about the tech world, gaming world, extreme sports...and face it, any and all of Aaron's hilariously random thoughts will be shared there as well. In the GALS blog, I will share lots of ideas about fashion, interior design, health and wellness, and lifestyle posts. Our hope is that you find either side of the blog interesting, and then share the other side of the blog with your significant other or friends of the opposite sex! OR HEY- you can enjoy both sides of the blog yourself-it definitely doesn't need to be a guys vs. gals thing here people-we do live in the 21st century, and we can be interested in a vast array of topics. No judgement passed here!!

One last thing-we will sometimes have topics that crossover between both sides, which we have lovingly coined "Marriage Debates". These posts will consist of Aaron and I picking one topic and both blogging our reviews or opinions on that same topic separately. We will not be allowed to view each others posts until they go live on the site, which I am sure they will end up being very humorous in showing the differences between the way I think vs. the way Aaron really thinks. We thought this would be a funny way to show that, NO, you don't always have to agree with your spouse and that, YES, disagreements do happen A LOT in marriage-but you can still respect each other through your differences.

I think that's all for now, friends! I hope you enjoy what is yet to come in our blog! And, remember, please take all of this WITH A GRAIN OF SALT!

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