Appreciating Our Mothers (Appreciation Post #1) + Mother's Day Gift Ideas

This is going to be a hard post to write, not because I can't think of what to write, BUT instead because I have SO much I want to say about my mother. The other day I was over at my mom's house, and we were just chit chatting about how my day was at work. I was explaining how one of the kiddos at school NEVER sees their mom, and how the situation just stresses me out and breaks my heart. AND, as I was sitting there reflecting on this child's reality, I again had the overwhelming feeling to just squeeze my mom and simply say THANK YOU (this feeling comes over me often in the presence of my mother)!!!! Thank you for giving me the best life you could have ever given a child. Thank you for ALWAYS loving me and being there for me. Thank you for sacrificing and providing for me every DAMN day. I looked at my mom, and said I literally have ZERO negative memories from my childhood- how many people can honestly say that??? I was, and still am, so beyond blessed to have been born into this family, with these parents of mine, just being showered with love by them forever and for always.

I have said this before, but I will continue to say it a million times more- MOTHERS, you are magical creatures!! Forget wanting a princess or a unicorn or a mermaid to come to your birthday party as a little girl (because, let's be real, you know every little girl wants one of those beings to just show up at their party)- GIRLS, you already have a magical entity right there with you at all times- YOUR MOTHER. Of course, as children we can't understand or truly grasp the magnitude of a mother's love and work. BUT, if we are one of the lucky ones, as we grow older we better be looking back in the utmost awe and with immense appreciation for all our mothers have done.

After losing my dad at a young age, I have felt an even deeper amount of appreciation for my mother. She is obviously the one parent that I still have here with me to physically spend time with- SO I better make the most of every second that I get with her. Death has this way of stopping you in your tracks, shaking you up, and truly making you realize that we are not invincible. Of course, everyone goes around saying- YA, YA I know someday this or that will happen to me- BUT you always think "someday" will be a looong time from now. I say that, because I was walking around in blissful denial of how quickly life can change prior to my dad's death. Boy, did I learn my lesson quickly, and I vowed to myself to try to not take anything for granted again. My mom is like my very own national treasure, that I promise to adore and dote on for as long as possible!

Mom and I
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Which brings me to Mother's Day...I kind of find it funny that mother's only get one special holiday. Like I mentioned above, mother's should be appreciated EVERY SINGLE DAY! But, since we only get one day on our calendar to celebrate our moms, we better make it amazing!!! Every year I try to find my mom something kind of unique and meaningful that she'll love, but really I know the number one thing my mom wants is to just spend some time together. BUT, It doesn't hurt when I show up with a special little surprise for her though, HAH! If you are finding yourself stuck trying to find something fun for your mom, check out some of the Mother's Day gifts I am thinking about this year...

Mother's day gift collage
  1. Thiry-One Customizable Pillow- $50 (I actually got my mom a pillow like this last year with my sister's b-day and my b-day on it, and she LOVED it! I thought it was such a fun, unique gift for my mom.)
  2. Serene House Supernova Electric Aromatherapy Diffuser- $69.99 (Ummm, hello, all moms are sooo busy and stressed- essential oils and a super cute diffuser could be a really great gift to help mom relax. I kind want to buy two- one for my mom and one for me to replace my current boring looking diffuser, LOL! Try buying some doTerra oils here to go along with the diffuser. My friend Allie Schmitt is rep, and can help you out if you search for her on the website! She also said you will get 25% off if you buy from her!)
  3. Bose Bluetooth Speaker- $99 (I LOVE my bluetooth speakers, especially when I am deep cleaning the house. I'm sure all moms would love to jam to some tunes while doing their hum drum household tasks! )
  4. Kindle Fire- $79.99 (I got my mom a Kindle Fire two years ago for Mother's Day because she is a book lover like me, and she uses it all the time- a huge plus with the Kindle Fire is it works like a tablet too, for a fraction of the price.)
  5. Kate Spade One In A Million Initial Pendent- $58 (You can never go wrong with meaningful jewelry. Get your mom's initial on the necklace or your initial for your mom on the necklace. SO CUTE!)
  6. Mother Daughter Necklace- $24 (I love the two intertwined rings on this necklace, such a cute way to show infinite love between mother and daughter.)
  7. Fitbit Versa Smartwatch- $199.95 (I love the peach/rose gold aluminum color of this watch. If you have siblings, it's nice to go in together to get mom a little bit "bigger", more expensive gift. My sister and I usually do this. My mom has started really working out hard this year!! I'm so proud of her, so this might make the perfect gift!)
  8. Noonday Collection Joan Necklace- $78 (Have you heard of the Noonday Collection products? I seriously LOVE this company!! Part of the proceeds of purchases made on this site go towards helping women in need in other countries!! What better way to empower your mom to look beautiful, while at the same time empowering hard-working women around the world! WIN, WIN!!)

To all of you mothers out there- HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY in a few weeks! AND, to all of you celebrating your mothers out there, please remember to make your mom feel special everyday! Our mothers are the most influential people in our lives. They have loved us unconditionally, from the moment that we were born until now and forever. What an insanely beautiful thing, my friends! AND, to my mom (because I know she is supporting me on this blogging journey and will read this)- I LOVE YOU TO THE MOON AND BACK!!!


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