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Waze Blip Sound Permafix (Almost, Still Trying)

So I can't stand the "blip" noise that waze makes when I veer off route - mainly when I'm leaving work (my destination is auto selected to home usually) and have to go down several floors to get out of the parking structure so my GPS tweaks cause it doesn't catches & loses the lock. I also can't stand it if I purposely wanna go a different route than what it's telling me and the thing starts blasting noise at me when I have some sorta audio playing.

ANYWAYs. I was due to update the app today and usually I just go in with root explorer and delete the file after the map updates and unpacks all the sounds again restoring the file I always delete. Not sure how I didn't think of this before, but it struck on me to create a blank mp3 file with the same name and alter the permissions/ownership of the file.

All this can be done with root explorer but I was at my desk so I just the following ADB commands:

bashadb shell
cd /data/data/com.waze/waze/sound/eng
echo "" > TickerPoints.mp3
chmod 0400 TickerPoints.mp3
chown root:root TickerPoints.mp3
ls -asl TickerPoints.mp3

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DB Legends Manual Account Backup

Legends has some decent account back up tools built into the game. You got Facebook, Google, & Twitter social platforms where you can store your progress in the cloud and have a way to restore if somethings goes bunk. However, there are a few fallbacks (or potentially from the game creator's view, benefits) of the social backup system.

Limited to restoring once every 24 hours

Pretty sure this restriction was put in place to complicate processing of third-party "stone" brokers. Hasn't stopped em & the fact that such services exist indicate the game currency prices are too high. Either way, it can cause some issues. Say for example you get a new phone, transfer your account, and then realize you wanna start your new device over and factory reset. Guess what. You have to wait a day before you can transfer your account & play again.

The limitation will probably never be an issue for the majority of players, but it does have potential to spark up some conflicts.

Can't access your social account

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Android Material 2 Messages (Rooted Devices)

The following assumes you have a rooted device, ADB configured, sqlite database knowledge, and basic command line skills. If you don't know what any of those mean or are uncertain about something, turn back now. Not promising this will work for everyone. Just sharing what worked for me.

Connect via ADB & run commands:

cp /data/data/ /sdcard/phenotype_m2.db
cp /data/data/ /sdcard/PhenotypePrefs_m2.xml


bashadb pull /sdcard/phenotype_m2.db
adb pull /sdcard/PehnotypePrefs_m2.xml

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Legends Character Assets

Legends seems to be running for certain countries. There are some guides floating around on how to obtain the app. Might look into seeing if I can make a workaround app version, I'll touch more on that at a later point. Might not be possible though.

Anyways. First things first. Let's see the beautiful assets/imagery. FHere are some character asset albums for you to enjoy. There quite a few new characters to sift through.

More updates to come later when I have time to figure some more stuff out. Hope this was helpful.


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Mayyy Hip-Hop/Rap

Audiomack Playlist


Childish Gambino's "This Is America" is crazzzzy! So good though.

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Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze (Switch)

It is finally here! I started playing last night right when it was released but didn't play for too long & needed some sleep. Played through the 1st world, mainly because I wanted to play an infamous mine cart track level, and will prematurely say that this game has lived up to what I imagined it would be & more.

I haven't played a Donkey Kong game since Donkey Kong Country Returns for the Wii, not sure if there were any others in between..? Anyways. Initial Thoughts & things I liked right off the bat.

Gorgeous Colors & Graphics

The video clips & game play have beautiful renderings that run smoothly packed with vibrant colors, not saying past Donkey Kong games didn't have these attributes. Really gives life & a positive lively feeling to the game play.

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South Park: The Fractured but Whole (Switch)

I have no idea how far I am into this game but so far I have been loving it! Minus the battles against Connor. Always been a fan of South Park & this feels like its an interactive episode/movie which makes playing the game very enjoyable to me. This is the first game in a while where I actually WANT to see the fluff story clips & cut scenes!

The difficulty options actually line up to what I would expect (I chose easiest of course) & I'm not getting all upset about losing like I have experienced with other games on the easiest setting. I always like starting at the lowest level because I know I suck at games & if it's good enough, I will go back and play again on a harder setting.

Battle Mode

The game battles are turn based, very relaxed for the most part, and strategy counts for the most. As far as I know if you lose you can always replay. No need to worry about lives or having to start over.

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