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Final Stop In Greece: Crete

I am finally getting around to sharing travel info from our last stop in Greece. I have been kind of dragging my feet on this one because it was my favorite location on our trip, and I wanted to make sure that I did this island justice! After coming back home, I told my family we should buy land or a summer home in Crete because I loved it that much- HEY, a girl can dream, right?!? The island of Crete is just so charming, yet modern, AND I absolutely couldn't get enough of this place! SO here goes nothing, here are ALL THINGS CRETAN...

CRETE- Stayed 4 days, and I wish we had more time!! I didn't realize how HUGE this island is- You definitely could make a whole vacation out of exploring Crete alone.

Where We Stayed: Pepi Boutique Hotel

We stayed at the Pepi Boutique Hotel in Rethymno, Crete. We took another high speed ferry from Santorini to Crete, because again folks, from island to island the ferries are the way to go. We learned our lesson in Santorini, and we had a transportation service waiting for us when we arrived at the Heraklion port in Crete. From there it took about 90 minutes to get to the city of Rethymno, where we were staying, and the transportation costed about 90 Euros. We didn't realize how big this island was, so if we go back again, we would definitely feel comfortable renting a car and driving there. …

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Sunny Santorini

So I have really been kind of slacking with my blog posts lately, but what I am learning is that I don't want to miss being present in my life... SO, instead of always sticking my nose in my computer or on a device, I have really been craving time with family and friends this summer more than anything. So I am just getting around to sharing some travel info from our next stop from our trip to Greece- today I get to share all things about SUNNY SANTORINI! After our wonderful stay on the island of Paros, we did some island hopping and hopped on over to Santorini for four days. AND, yes of course it was a magical stay!

Transportation: If you read my post about Paros, you saw that we decided to take a short plane ride from mainland Greece to that first island stop. However, in between the islands, it was more time and cost effective to take a high speed ferry instead. I was a little worried about what these ferries would be like based on ferries I had seen in the past, but these things are like their own little village on water. Restaurants on board, drinks, comfy seats (if you pay for the upgrade), you name it! I would suggest booking your ferry travels prior to getting to Greece because it's easier to just get dropped off at the port and get right in line to catch your ferry...because let me tell you, …

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Stop #2 In Greece: Paros

Last week I started posting some of our travel info from our 18 day vacation in Greece- I started with all of our Athens travel info, and today I am going to move on and share info from our next stop, the island of Paros. But first it would be remiss of me to not go back and talk about the struggles that Athens is going through as we speak. Greece is in need of some MAJOR prayers right now! If you haven't seen the news, there is a catastrophic wild fire blowing through the area near the Greek capital, and the death toll is already up to 74. They have also been saying they are closing down highways, resort towns, beaches, and even tours to the Acropolis and surrounding areas because of all of the smoke. I contacted my cousin last night to make sure they were all ok, and thankfully she said the fires are not near them. But, I am praying for all of the people who are being affected!! I am really hoping that they can get the fires under control quickly and that there are not any more lives lost. 🙏🏽 One thing I know about Greece though is that one of their biggest sources of income and one of the best ways for them to be able to rebuild after something like this is through the business of tourism! So, I'm going to keep blogging about our amazing trip, in hopes to inspire some …

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Athens Travel Info

We've been back from Greece for a week and a half now, and it's pretty much taken me this long to feel settled back into my normal routine again. Being gone for 18 days meant lots of cleaning, laundry, and errands needed to be done upon my arrival back home...OH, and most importantly, I needed to make up for lots of missed snuggles with my hubs and doggies, because it was just my sister, mom, and I on the travel adventures this time! BUT, I am back in business and ready to finally post some travel info for you all incase you ever travel to Greece yourselves. Honestly, I have felt like I've had a bit of a travel hangover- you know when you have SO much fun, and then the next day you seem a bit disoriented- YUP, that was me for like a week! Being 100% Greek, and being raised VERY Greek growing up (Greek food, Greek language, Greek church, Greek music- our house was pretty much ALL GREEK, ALL THE TIME), I had been beyond anticipating this trip for a LOOOOONG time. I was worried that it wouldn't live up to all the hype I had created in my mind, BUT HOLY CRAP, it was so much more. Let's just say, I definitely left a part of my heart in Greece.

Greeks have this certain infectious zest for life, a zest that makes you just fall in love with the place- there's even a word for it …

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What Really Matters

So if you are following the blog, you probably saw that my first post back after getting home from vacation was about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale...I wasn't going to post about that originally because every blogger and their mother posts about it...BUT, I of course got sucked down the rabbit hole of excitement <insert forehead smack>. Of course we all love a good sale, BUT after really reflecting on it (and after getting really kind of smothered by all of the sale hype on social media), I decided to delete that post. I don't want my blog to just be about pushing people to spend money in one particular place, or to spend money at all for that matter, if you don't want to! I will always be a LOVER of fashion, and give you gals shopping info and links here on the blog about certain trends. BUT, I hope you all know that I am never trying to be pushy or suggest that I know it all- I merely suggest things that I personally think are kind of neat to share. I do LOVE Nordstrom, and I did make a FEW purchases from the sale, no big deal here....However, sometimes I look at the other seemingly perfect bloggers out there, and their seemingly perfect lives, and think SHEESH how do they do that or how can they afford ALL that haul-like 12+ bags FULL of clothes in one trip?? Yes, I understand some of them are sponsored and get …

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Nighttime Skincare Routine

So by now you guys know that I think I am actually partially a nocturnal vampire, who absolutely HATES the mornings! Cue the horror movie, where the vampire melts into a pool of nothingness as the first ray of sunshine beams through the sky...YAAAA, that's how I feel at 6 a.m. A couple of weeks ago, I posted my morning skincare tips, and I mentioned how I am seriously just NOT a morning person- never have been. (Thank God for really great skincare products that help freshen me up in the morning!!) I also mentioned that when summer rolls around, and I have three months off of work, my natural rhythm is to stay up until 2 a.m. and then get up at 11 a.m. WELLLL, that routine is in full swing here, and I am loving letting my body rock the late night hours! OH, and I am loving sleeping in too. SIGH!

One thing that I have to remind myself to stay very disciplined with though during the summer months is my skincare routine. During the school year, I literally have almost every part of my daily schedule down to a five minute range of time based on when things need to be accomplished. (YES, I am a little anal, but having a pretty strict routine curbs my anxiety about completing all of my daily tasks- don't knock it, 'til you try it!) I know that I have to start washing my face and getting ready for …

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Summer Drink Recipes

HEY, it was actually sunny and warm out today, which energized me a bit! I finally got out and did some weeding in my garden, which is so delayed for me because I am usually out there chomping at the bit to plant flowers in early May. I seriously LOVE gardening- it is so calming, and I love how flowers make everything look so cheery. BUT, with all of the uncertainty of what was going on with our current house, I kind of held off...PLUS, I have been lacking some major energy lately because of all of the stress of looking for builders and talking to banks to get the moving process going. ADULTING is no joke here people, LOL. Which is why sometimes I just need to relax with a good cocktail!

Every summer, I like to find a delicious new drink to enjoy on a hot day. SO, I decided to do some research on some FUN drink recipes. AND, man have I poured over recipe after recipe the past few days! There are SOOO many yummy ideas out there! I am usually pretty much a wino in all seasons, but there's just something about summer that makes me want to switch things up and try something new! Check out the top 5 recipes that I found that I think look DELISH...

1. Watermelon Sangria


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