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What Really Matters

So if you are following the blog, you probably saw that my first post back after getting home from vacation was about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale...I wasn't going to post about that originally because every blogger and their mother posts about it...BUT, I of course got sucked down the rabbit hole of excitement <insert forehead smack>. Of course we all love a good sale, BUT after really reflecting on it (and after getting really kind of smothered by all of the sale hype on social media), I decided to delete that post. I don't want my blog to just be about pushing people to spend money in one particular place, or to spend money at all for that matter, if you don't want to! I will always be a LOVER of fashion, and give you gals shopping info and links here on the blog about certain trends. BUT, I hope you all know that I am never trying to be pushy or suggest that I know it all- I merely suggest things that I personally think are kind of neat to share. I do LOVE Nordstrom, and I did make a FEW purchases from the sale, no big deal here....However, sometimes I look at the other seemingly perfect bloggers out there, and their seemingly perfect lives, and think SHEESH how do they do that or how can they afford ALL that haul-like 12+ bags FULL of clothes in one trip?? Yes, I understand some of them are sponsored and get …

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Nighttime Skincare Routine

So by now you guys know that I think I am actually partially a nocturnal vampire, who absolutely HATES the mornings! Cue the horror movie, where the vampire melts into a pool of nothingness as the first ray of sunshine beams through the sky...YAAAA, that's how I feel at 6 a.m. A couple of weeks ago, I posted my morning skincare tips, and I mentioned how I am seriously just NOT a morning person- never have been. (Thank God for really great skincare products that help freshen me up in the morning!!) I also mentioned that when summer rolls around, and I have three months off of work, my natural rhythm is to stay up until 2 a.m. and then get up at 11 a.m. WELLLL, that routine is in full swing here, and I am loving letting my body rock the late night hours! OH, and I am loving sleeping in too. SIGH!

One thing that I have to remind myself to stay very disciplined with though during the summer months is my skincare routine. During the school year, I literally have almost every part of my daily schedule down to a five minute range of time based on when things need to be accomplished. (YES, I am a little anal, but having a pretty strict routine curbs my anxiety about completing all of my daily tasks- don't knock it, 'til you try it!) I know that I have to start washing my face and getting ready for …

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Summer Drink Recipes

HEY, it was actually sunny and warm out today, which energized me a bit! I finally got out and did some weeding in my garden, which is so delayed for me because I am usually out there chomping at the bit to plant flowers in early May. I seriously LOVE gardening- it is so calming, and I love how flowers make everything look so cheery. BUT, with all of the uncertainty of what was going on with our current house, I kind of held off...PLUS, I have been lacking some major energy lately because of all of the stress of looking for builders and talking to banks to get the moving process going. ADULTING is no joke here people, LOL. Which is why sometimes I just need to relax with a good cocktail!

Every summer, I like to find a delicious new drink to enjoy on a hot day. SO, I decided to do some research on some FUN drink recipes. AND, man have I poured over recipe after recipe the past few days! There are SOOO many yummy ideas out there! I am usually pretty much a wino in all seasons, but there's just something about summer that makes me want to switch things up and try something new! Check out the top 5 recipes that I found that I think look DELISH...

1. Watermelon Sangria


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Through the Storm

The weather here on Sunday was really dreary, and the clouds were bringing in little bouts of rain. This in turn makes me a little lethargic, and as I am lazing about on these gray days, I start to feel really reflective about the storms that I have weathered internally as well. Isn't it funny how your mood can really mirror what the weather is like outside?? I did have a gathering planned for Sunday with my wonderful friends, SO I couldn't be completely slothful...And, after hanging out with them I guess what I have really been reflecting on the past two days now is my awe and amazement at the endurance and POWER of the human mind during troubling times.

Have you ever felt so completely overwhelmed by things going on in your life, yet somehow you were still able to function? You got out of bed; you got dressed in the morning; you put make-up on; you went to work and functioned properly, and you even smiled and had fun with friends...all while your mind had this insanely tumultuous storm brewing inside. I say this because one of our friends has been going through some VERY heavy stuff in her own life currently. YET, Linda has been dealing with all of this heaviness with such amazing poise and grace. She is absolutely one of the most amazing people to observe! So this has made me really, really think about my own reactions to things in life- past and …

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Pop of Color For Summer- Turquoise and Sunshine Yellow

I have always found color psychology really interesting. In one of my college psych classes, we studied a little bit about this theory, and I kind of forgot about it until I came across this really interesting article on it a couple of days ago again. (MAN, you can actually find some interesting articles randomly when you set up a Google Now account on your phone.) It's fascinating to listen to what different people feel when they see different colors (read that article, friends). For example, they talk about the color yellow making people feel warm and energized, but yet somewhat anxious and overwhelmed because it's such an attention grabbing color. They also mentioned that more people had more panic attacks in yellow rooms, than in any other color room because of the overwhelming effect it has on your senses. INTERESTING! Artists, interior designers, and anybody in the marketing arena has probably studied, or at least heard of, the different theories on color in order to visually appeal to their clients. BUT, like with anything else in life, I feel like what is attractive to me, might not be attractive to you. AND, hey, that's totally ok!! So we shouldn't try to lump everybody into one neat category all the time.

When I started blogging I did a lot of research on how to make things look visually appealing to an audience, and one of the most interesting things I read was to try and have as much BLUE in …

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Teamwork + Getting Ready For Summer Fun (Fourth of July)

In Sunday's post, I mentioned that Aaron and I were kind of thrown into transition mode the last week, with our upcoming changes with homes and such. I also explained how unsettled I was feeling about the whole process. I am a HUGE believer in intuition, and I believe your body has a crazy way of telling you when things are just not right! ALERT, ALERT! I was literally making myself sick to my stomach stressing about all of this crazy stuff, so I knew it was time to do a little reflecting. My goal in every stressful moment is to find the hidden lesson that I know is being presented to me. Here's the conclusion I have come to after the past CRAZY week...

Aaron and I have been married for less than a year, so we are still feeling our way through the communication process of being husband and wife...I know, I know, this is going to be an ongoing process that will last FOREVER because relationships will always take work. BUT, having come from a first marriage where there was such a horrible breakdown of communication, I have learned it is some of the most rewarding work of your life to stand beside your partner, AND to know that you are a part of a solid TEAM! We decided to slow this whole crazy week down, AND really talk and listen to each other (instead of scream like most people do when they are super stressed) and …

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Getting Comfortable Physically and Mentally During Times of Unrest

I hope I am not alone in the ebb and flow of life's most unsettling feelings. Unrest and feeling unsettled is one of the most UNcomfortable feelings to me on the planet. I am a pretty type A person, who needs to have everything in order; everything must be done just so, and I do not relax until everything is checked off my list as completed. SO, when there is something left up in the air or unfinished, it makes my heart start to pound and my eyes start to twitch. UGH! This week has been one of those weeks, where the overwhelming blanket of unrest has settled over me.

In my All About Me post a few months back, I explained that I got to completely renovate and move into my grandparents house after my grandpa passed away. I have put my heart and soul into this little house, AND I seriously absolutely just adore it. YES, it's small and has no storage- BUT, it's charming, with character galore, AND most importantly, it reminds me of my grandparents who I miss so immensely. Aaron and I have lived here now for a couple of years and have greatly appreciated the opportunity to do so, because it has helped us save, save, save, because my grandparents had everything taken care of before passing. I used to come and eat lunch with my grandpa every Friday before he passed, and he would always point around and say in his heavy Greek …

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