Sisters (Appreciation Post #3) + Where To Buy the Best Shorts For Summer

My sister, Maria, is the BEST big sister anybody could ask for! Growing up with a sister has been one of the best gifts that my parents could have ever given me in this life. Any of you ladies out there that have sisters, will probably agree with me on that one! It's like you have this built in PROTECTOR, MENTOR, and BEST FRIEND to help you through this crazy adventure while we are here on this Earth. Since my main goal here on the blog is to really empower the women around me, in hopes of inspiring some of you to do the same, I feel like today's post about sisters is a really important one for me to share.

My Sister, My Protector-

Let's go back to elementary school for a moment...There was this girl in elementary school that used to relentlessly try to get me in trouble and caused all sorts of problems for me. If you know me now, you know that I am NOT a very shy person who can be easily pushed around, BUT in elementary school I was VERY quiet and easily manipulated (Thank God I got over that phase in life- I guess the adversity in my life has had a way of toughening up my skin a bit). So of course at the time, I made the perfect prey for those with stronger personalities. I used to come home from school crying every day, and my sister would try to make me laugh and giggle to make me feel better, like any good sister would do. I will never forget the day though that the little bully girl rang my doorbell, AND my sister answered the door...AND, as I was running over to see who it was, all I heard was my sister just letting that little girl have it!!! I just stopped right in my tracks, in shock and in awe, and that is the exact moment that I realized that my sister would ALWAYS have my back, no matter what. I realized I didn't need friends like that, because I would ALWAYS have my sister as the BEST friend life could give you. It was kind of like the old adage, It's ok for me to lovingly pick on my sister a bit, but the minute anybody else picks on her- WATCH OUT!!

Fast forward to four or five years ago when I was in a VERY dark place mentally and emotionally because of what was going on in my first marriage. My sister lives in San Diego now, and she insisted on flying me out to stay with her for a week so she could talk some sense into me. She was NOT going to put up with someone treating me the way that I was being treated, and she helped build me up and give me the mental ammo that I needed in order to stand up for myself. Obviously she was not able to physically step into my marriage and defend me personally, BUT she was going to make damn sure that I was ready to defend myself. AND, she did everything in her power to help me pick up the pieces of my life in the aftermath as well. I don't know what I would have done without her. Ladies, do you have someone in your life who will do everything in their power to be your warrior, cheerleader, and superhero all wrapped into one? I REALLY hope so! These people play such an integral role in getting us through the valleys of life. I am so beyond BLESSED!

My Sister, My Mentor-

Aside from the fact that my sister is INSANELY smart (she is in fact a pediatrician, but will never toot her own horn and show that fact off...BUT, I will toot away on that horn because I am so proud of all of her accomplishments in life)- She is also wise beyond what a book can teach you. As I mentioned above, she is the one who has taught and shown me how to be a strong female. She is the one who taught me to not just be a wallflower and put up with crap, BUT instead to demand the respect that we ALL deserve. She is the one who has exemplified that hard work and dedication will ALWAYS pay off in the end.

My sister knows all of my secrets in life too, and she knows all the highs and the lows. Never once has she judged me though. She has only just guided me through those hard moments with love. Big sisters, in my opinion, are the most perfect examples of living guardian angels being put on this Earth to help us. They constantly look out for us, lead by example, and LOVE us anyway!! They will forever be able to share some piece of knowledge with us that we didn't know before. AND, when you combine all of these tidbits together, you realize just how much you learned from watching and looking up to your big sister! I have been watching and learning from her from DAY ONE, and I will continue to look up to her until the day I die!

My Sister, My Best Friend-

I love the quote "Because I have a sister, I will always have a friend." Nothing is more true than this right here, ladies. My sister and I will always have a special connection that can never be broken- no matter the time, the distance, or anything in between. I can pick up the phone and start up right where I left off the last time I talked to her. We have ENDLESS fits of laughter together every time I see her- whether we are reminiscing about all the SILLY things we did as children (MAN, did we have fun!), OR just laughing about anything or everything in between. My sister just makes me feel so much better when I am around her...AND, sometimes that means we don't even have to be talking either, sometimes just her presence is enough to calm me down and fill up my cup! She is quite literally just an extension of my soul out in this world. She just gets me, and I just get her. AND, I am forever going to appreciate the LOVE that my sister and I have for each other.

My sister and I on Chicago boat cruise

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Which leads me to this weekend- I got to spend ALL weekend with my sister because she came back to the Midwest for a visit! YAY! We went downtown Chicago with my mom and my aunt for a little mini girls getaway (check out my next post highlighting the FUN things we got to do in Chi-Town). I got to capture a bunch of amazing moments with her as we bopped around the city, AND, we even packed coordinating outfits without even planning it. SEE, there goes that sisterly intuition thing! SO in honor of BOTH of us getting to finally wear our summer shorts (she always gets to wear shorts in Cali, but us Midwesterners are pumped to finally pull these babies out of our drawers), I rounded up and linked the best shorts that I have purchased this season. Check them out below, ladies...

My sister and I in front of Chicago river

Shorts Linked Below

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  1. Express High Waisted Silky Soft Twill Tie Front Utility Shorts- $19.95 (On Sale! Same as the denim pair I am wearing in the first picture, but the denim color is sold out. These are SOOOO comfy!)
  2. Express High Waisted (Minus The) Leather Sash Waist Shorts- $29.95 (On Sale! Same leather pair I am wearing in the second picture. Also super comfy!)
  3. ASOS Y.A.S High Waist Short With Tie Belt- $60.00 (I have these, and again super COMFY!)
  4. Nordstrom Topshop Ripped Denim Mom Shorts- $42
  5. Forever 21 Striped Paperbag Shorts- $22.90 (Have these, LOVE them!)
  6. Banana Republic Roll-Up Light Wash 6" Denim Short- $68 (Same Pair Maria is wearing in first picture. She said they were also SUPER comfy!)

There are SOOO many comfortable and ADORABLE shorts options out there right now, my friends. PLUS, many places are having huge Memorial Day sales, so you should definitely take advantage of that! AND, there's one last thing that I just have to mention here, gals, AND I have to mention this because my sister is SO guilty of this...Please look at yourself in the mirror daily, and try to highlight one new thing every day that you appreciate about yourself. It can be something about your external beauty or your internal beauty, doesn't matter. BUT, so many of us women, me included AND definitely my sister too, are way too critical of ourselves! I have mentioned this in previous posts, but I will keep reminding you of this a million more times if I have to- LADIES, we all have SO, SO much to offer! Stop being so hard on yourselves!

I watch my sister doubt herself so often, and doubt her beauty at times (this weekend included, which is what spurred me to add this today)- When really she is one of the most beautiful people on the outside AND on the inside, so I always wonder what she sees in the mirror. How skewed a picture we must see in our own reflections!! WE NEED TO STOP THIS THOUGH- We need to start seeing in ourselves what everyone else sees and APPRECIATES in us! Because ALL I see when I look at her is this absolutely amazingly, beautiful creature!!! So make it a positive and wonderful week, all! AND, if you have a sister, go call her and tell her you LOVE her!


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