Celebrating Greek Easter In My High Waisted Wide Leg Pants- Trend Alert

I got to celebrate Easter today with my "Big Fat Greek Family" in Chicago. LOVE! Greek Orthodox Easter usually falls on a different weekend than when most people celebrate Easter because the Orthodox church follows a different calendar of events. AND, let's be real, I feel like we Greeks always just have to find an excuse to do things a little bit differently than the rest of the world, LOL!

Have you guys seen the movie "My Big Fat Greek Wedding"? No joke, that movie depicts exactly how my life was growing up (minus the spraying of the Windex, I don't know where they got that from)-but, literally everything else in that movie is FACTUAL! I had to go to Greek school to learn how to speak Greek; we always have loud, crazy family gatherings; we always have enough food to feed an army, and most importantly, I was taught that EVERYTHING on the planet was created by the Greeks (or so my father always told me). My dad was so convinced of this fact, that he SERIOUSLY wanted to come to one of my college history classes at one point to make sure that my professor was "doing a good job covering the contributions Ancient Greece had on modern society" after I accidentally started talking about how much the Chinese really had created- big mistake on my part!!! Ummmm, SERIOUSLY, Dad?!? Pretty sure my professor had it covered since she has a PhD in history!! OY! But, one thing's for certain-I wouldn't trade all of this craziness, love, and culture for the world.

So this is why I always LOVE to see all of my extended family for a big holiday gathering- these gatherings help to keep a piece of my dad's memory alive within me. That's why I woke up this morning so excited to get all dressed up and ready to get out the door! I have been loving all of the new spring trends that I have been seeing, and I decided today was the perfect day to try out a pair of new high waisted wide leg pants.

I love the look of the high waisted wide leg pants, especially layered over a bodysuit (stay tuned for a post on my favorite bodysuits). They cinch you in just the right place because they usually sit right on the tiniest part of your waist. A huge PLUS of this style is how comfortable they are as well. Check out these options below...

Denim jacketBlack bodysuitRed tassel earrings

  1. Saturday Night Set (On my wishlist!)
  2. Women's Tie Waist Palazzo Pants
  3. River Island Paperbag Wide Leg Pants (I have these, and they are SOOO soft!)
  4. High Waisted Stripe Tie Waist Wide Leg Dress Pants
  5. Top Notch Pocketed Tie Pants (Exact pants I am wearing in picture)
  6. Top Performer Striped Pants

Happy shopping, ladies, and have a SUPER week!


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