Crop Tops + High Waist Skirts + My Best Friend (Appreciation Post #2)

I hope all of you ladies out there have a beyond AMAZING best friend like I do, because I literally could NOT live without her!! AND, I don't think anyone should have to live without having a soul sister in their life either. That is why I feel like it is so, so important to write about, and share my feelings about, why having a best friend is so NECESSARY for us women. I think it is a healthy practice in life to mindfully and purposely notice and show gratitude for the blessings in our lives, and if you get nothing else from this post, I hope this makes you pause and show gratitude for the wonderful ladies that you all have in your own life as well- OR, if you are still searching for that one bestie who you can connect with, maybe your take away from today's post will be to have a better understanding of what a healthy friendship looks like. Also, gals, keep scrolling to the bottom to read up on where to find some fun high waist skirts and crop tops, like Colleen and I are wearing in our pics! Seriously, taking pics with your bestie is such a BLAST! We didn't stop giggling once. LOVE!

Colleen and I

Why We Love Our BFFs-Reason #1 : They just get us more than anyone else on this planet.

My best friend, Colleen, seriously gets me like nobody else does on this planet. I would say 99% of the time I don't even have to say what I am thinking out loud because she already knows. There are even those freaky times when we aren't physically together, and it's like she can sense that I need to hear from her because I'll hear a ping on my phone and know it's her. She knows what makes me happy; she knows what is upsetting to me, and she knows everything up and down and in between. It's almost like our brains are connected in this weird cosmic way! AND, on those days when NOBODY else in this world seems to understand what I am saying, I know that 100% of the time, she'll just GET IT!

Why We Love Our BFFs-Reason #2: They NEVER judge us.

Let's be real here, sometimes I can come up with some crazy ideas or do something that is just flat out stupid. BUT, Colleen NEVER judges me or makes me feel small. In fact, she does the exact opposite- she helps build me up to feel confident in my actions and beliefs. Point in case- after many months of going back and forth about starting this blog, I just committed and decided to go for it. I am sure LOTS of people have, and will have, opinions about my blogging adventure, BUT, Colleen has been my biggest cheerleader. She is, in fact, the one taking most of the pictures for the blog, and not passing any judgement while doing so. She never once has said, or never will say, why are you doing that? She will always be the one saying you got this girl!

Why We Love Our BFFs-Reason #3: They NEVER let us give up on ourselves

If you have read some of my previous posts, you know that four years ago I was at a VERY low point in my life (dealing with my father's death and my divorce). I am not kidding when I tell you that there were so many days that I wanted to crawl into a hole and not come out- BUT, Colleen was literally there EVERY SINGLE DAY to help me pick up the pieces of my life, and she NEVER let me give up on myself. She always joked that if I crawled in a hole, she would follow me right down to the bottom and pull me out!

Why We Love Our BFFs-Reason #4: They will NEVER care about what we look like or what material possessions we have.

I get it, I love shopping and dressing up just as much as the next person. BUT, I don't do these things to impress or keep my circle of friends. I do these things because they make ME feel happy and confident and empowered as a woman from the inside out. BUT, my best friend could CARE LESS about what I am wearing, what my hair looks like, or what I have in my closet! She will continue to love me even if I am wearing a paper bag and I live in a cardboard box, because material things ARE NOT what make our friendship meaningful. I know she cares most about the heart that is at the core of my being- because, let's be honest, looks, youth, and material possessions will fade-but friendship never will.

Why We Love Our BFFs-Reason #5: They KNOW and KEEP all of our secrets.

Obviously our best friends are supposed to be the one person that we can tell ALL, and I mean ALL, of our secrets to-good, bad, or in between. We all have done, said, or thought things in our past that we aren't proud of. AND, yes we have all shared those things with our best friends. BUT, our best friends would never break our trust and share anything about our private lives with anyone else. I have shared literally everything with Colleen about my life, and the reason I have done this is because I know, without a doubt, that those private conversations will stay between the two of us. I completely trust her and always will. AND, just so you all know, most of my secrets aren't the bad kind. BUT, of course I am human and have made LOTS of mistakes in life that I have learned from!! That's all I will say- my lips are zipped, and so are my besties, HAH!

Why We Love Our BFFs-Reason #6: We laugh together until our bellies hurt.

Seriously, this is my favorite part of friendship. You know those nights when you laugh so hard that your torso hurts?? You know those nights when you laugh at the craziest things that nobody else gets?? Those are the nights that get me through the roller coaster ride of life. I can be feeling SO incredibly crabby for whatever reason, and then I go to Colleen's house and sit on her couch, drink wine, and giggle away about nothing and everything all at the same time- AND, instantly I feel a million times better. She just brightens my world by being in it!

Why We Love Our BFFs-Reason #7: They don't make us feel like it is inconvenient to be our friend.

Trust me, I know we are ALL busy working, parenting, OR just living life. I have many GREAT friends who I can go long stretches of time without talking to because we are BOTH super busy, and it is nobody's fault because schedules just get in the way. No matter the length of time though, we can always pick up right where we left off, and I love that about my girlfriends. BUT, it's a little bit different with Colleen- we literally need to talk EVERY DAY, even if we are both exhausted at the end of an extremely long day. It's just how we roll, and it's how we help each other get through the week with our sanity in tact! AND, I know that if I need her, Colleen would drop everything in an instant to be there for me, and I would do the same for her! (Even if she is in the middle of her child's fundraiser event, because let's be real, that has actually happened when I was having a meltdown, LOL.)

Why We Love Our BFFs-Reason #8: They ALWAYS show us an INFINITE amount of unconditional love and respect- and that feeling is MUTUAL.

To me, this is probably the most important characteristic of TRUE friendship. I know that on my best days and on my worst days, or even on days when I do something that nobody in the world agrees with, Colleen will always be there loving me through it all. AND, I will always be there to do the exact same thing for her. Friendship is a TWO WAY STREET! It's not all about one person giving, giving, giving. It is about a mutual give and take between two people who just immensely respect each other and think the other deserves the world! One of my co-workers always used to say that you know you have found a special friend in life if you feel like the luckiest person to have them, but they also feel like the luckiest person to have you. I can say a million times over, that I am the luckiest to have Colleen as my best friend and soul sister! I don't know what I would do without her.

Ladies, I could go on forever with a MILLION reasons why I love my bestie, but I honestly feel the eight reasons I listed above are the most important indicator of a true friendship. I'm sure all of you ladies out there feel the same way about your BFFs as well! Go text them; go call them; go tell them that you LOVE them, because they are such a huge part of filling up our cup in life and giving life meaning. They deserve that recognition! Maybe even try a bestie photo shoot, like Colleen and I did. YES, I wanted to use the pictures for the blog- BUT, more importantly I want to keep these pictures as a wonderful MEMORY of the amazing moments we get to spend together! AND, as always check out my links to our fun outfits and other great high waisted skirt and crop top options below! We just had the best day playing dress up together, almost like we were carefree little girls again, not caring what anyone had to say!

High waist skirts
  1. Love Me More Layered Tulle Skirt- $59.90 (Exact skirt Colleen is wearing in pics-These tulle skirts would be super fun for a wedding or fancier event with a crop top! The high waist skirts would also look really cute with a bodysuit underneath-check out my previous post about bodysuits here.)
  2. Cherished Memories Gradient Pleated Tulle Skirt- $49 (Comes in other colors.)
  3. Amore Maxi Tulle Skirt- $52 (Comes in other colors.)
  4. Abound Striped Poplin Midi Skirt- $29.97 (Exact skirt I am wearing in pics- SO comfortable and such a deal!)
  5. Clarke Skirt- $228
  6. Ruffle Wrap Midi Skirt- $29.99 (Comes in striped blue also.)
  7. Striped Ruffle Maxi Skirt- $59.90
  8. Color Me Wonderful Striped Maxi Skirt- $77 (On my wishlist- LOVE!)
  9. Cotton Mini Skirt With Ruffle Detail- $32
Crop top options
  1. Cover Long Sleeve Top- $68 (Comes in other colors.)
  2. Baby Tee- $50 (Comes in other colors.)
  3. Berksha Cropped Tank Top- $11.50 (Exact one I'm wearing in pics- I love the fit! Comes in black too.)
  4. BP. Ruffle Sleeve Twist Hem Tee- $29 (Exact one Colleen is wearing- Comes in other colors.)
  5. BB Dakota Corinne Top- $65 (Definitely on my wish list- I love the little eyelet detail that is SUPER popular right now!)
  6. Pretty Little Thing Stripe Tie Back Crop Top- $24 (I just ordered this to wear with a black maxi skirt. I can't wait until it comes!)
Colleen and I

Other Outfit Details For Colleen:


Shoes- Similar

Other Outfit Details For Me:



Here's a HUGE shout out to Kelsey Kristine Photography too! Kels, is actually Colleen's daughter, so of course she is amazing having been raised by her amazing mama! If you are in need of a photo shoot, you should definitely check out her work- she is BEYOND talented!!! She did our engagement photos, and we absolutely adored them!! AND, ladies, take the time to enjoy your best friends. AND, of course take the time to enjoy a little shopping with your besties, too! Have a SUPER week, all!


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