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I know you shouldn't be attached to a THING in life, and that THING should never define who you are. Which is why I hate to admit this, but I was SERIOUSLY emotionally attached to my hair. I have pretty much ALWAYS had long hair my whole life. I remember when I was little, a lady down the block would cut our hair, and my sister and I would trudge down to her house every couple of weeks because my mom made us go. ANNNND I would come home in hysterics every time because she "CUT OFF ALL MY HAIR"!!! Wah, wah, wah! Ok-really she literally cut off half an inch of my hair, and you couldn't even tell that it was cut, but that half inch was enough to put me over the edge. Someone should've told me to get a grip, girl!

Fast forward to haircuts as an adult, and sadly not much has changed! I always wait as looooong as possible before I schedule a haircut because it is such a traumatic event for me. Well, little did I know, that I was slowly killing my hair by not maintaining it with proper haircut intervals, and on top of it I was NOT using the correct hair products to keep my long hair healthy!!! UGHHH! So about 7 months ago, my hair stylist said it was time (cue traumatic music) to start over and cut all of my hair off...

Yes, I cried, and it took me a very long time to get used to how to style this shorter do, but now I am actually kind of enjoying this shorter, sassier look. Did I melt and die because my hair was cut off? Obviously not-which was a really important lesson for me to actually learn. I am still the same crazy, silly, yet caring Lisa, whether my hair is long OR short. You are probably wondering though if I am trying to grow my hair out again, and of course the answer is YES! BUT, in the meantime, I have found some fun and funky ways to style my hair. I have also found a much HEALTHIER way to grow and maintain my hair with some amazing products! So ladies, if you find yourself in the same hair predicament as me, here are some great products for you to try...

1. Redken Extreme Strengthening Shampoo and Conditioner

I use this shampoo and conditioner every time I wash my hair on my roots. This is an awesome product to help fortify and strengthen your hair, and I have seen some nice results with this set! I always buy my Redken products at Ulta because they run specials on their larger bottles often, and you can sometimes find a coupon code that will work on certain products as well!

Price Range: $$ (mid price point)

2. Amika The Kure Shampoo and Conditioner (previously called Triple Rx)

Ok seriously people, aside from the obvious strength this stuff gives my hair, this product literally smells DELICIOUS! I also use this shampoo and conditioner set every time I wash my hair, but on my ends. It is a little too heavy for my roots and makes my roots feel almost waxy, but it does AMAZING things for my ends!!

Price Range: $$ (mid price point) *Side note for local SE Wisconsinite ladies-check out Gloss Beauty Bar. Abby, my stylist, owns Gloss and sells Amika and can give you some advice on their other awesome products as well. For all you other ladies that live farther out, check out the link to the Amika website.

3. Amika The Wizard

After I get out of the shower and towel dry my hair, the next product I use is this Amika product to detangle and prime my hair. Part of my problem before was that I was WAY too rough while combing my hair, and I would just tug away at the snarls in my long hair. My hair was literally snapping off in chunks while I was combing it because it was becoming so unhealthy. This product definitely has helped ease the combing process.

Price Range: $$ (mid price point)

4. Redken Pillow Proof Blow Dry Primer and Heat Protection Spray

Here is where my BIGGEST problem stemmed from-HEAT! I was not using a heat protector on my hair-what was I thinking?!? After I spray The Wizard on my wet hair, I spray this Pillow Proof product. It seriously has been a Godsend at protecting my hair from snapping after using a blow dryer, straightener, or curling iron. I will NEVER go without this product again!

Price Range: $$ (mid price point)

5. Redken Extreme Anti-Snap Leave-In Treatment

The last product I put on my wet hair before blow drying, is this leave-in treatment by Redken. Maybe, it seems like overkill to put in 3 products before blow drying, but I would rather not take my chances with my hair again. Again, I feel like this is another Godsend in protecting my hair from that evil heat, lol!

Price Range: $$ (mid price point)

6. Amika Hair Fragrance

Ok, ok ok- so this might be a frivolous addition to my hair care routine, but seriously I just love how the Amika products smell so much! Why not spray an extra little fragrance, or hair perfume, in to make that yummy Amika smell last all day?!? This is usually the last thing I spray in my hair after I use a little hair spray to hold my style in place.

Price Range: $$ (mid price point)

7. Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo

Another really important lesson I've learned about hair over time, is that you DO NOT need to wash your hair every day!! Daily washing is SO, SO damaging and drying to your hair. There are so many wonderful dry shampoos in the world that help you get that freshly washed look without really washing! I just happened upon this brand of dry shampoo, and I have tried others, but I keep going back to the Perfect Hair Day brand. On average, I wash my hair about 3-4 times a week. You are probably thinking that sounds gross, especially because I literally workout everyday, but TRUST ME this product removes all of the oils and sweat and washes your hair without the need for water! It's crazy, I know, but trust me ladies-it works! On days that I don't wash my hair, I just wrap my hair up in a big head wrap to shower my body without getting my hair wet. Then I literally get out of the shower, and the only product I use that day is this dry shampoo to style away. Easy-peasy!

Price Range: $$ (mid price point-again, wait to use Ulta or Sephora points or coupons on this product too.)

8. Amika The Kure Intense Repair Mask

Every Sunday, I use this hair mask to rejuvenate my hair for the upcoming week. My stylist told me to ignore the directions on the container. Her directions for this mask are to put enough product on the ends (this product too is a little heavy for your roots), and let it sit in your hair for about 2 hours. Then rinse it out of your hair after the 2 hours are up, but do not completely shampoo and wash your hair until the next day. OH MAN, does this stuff make my hair feel so silky smooth! I seriously love it!

Price Range: $$ (mid price point)

9. Nature's Bounty Hair, Skin, and Nails Vitamin

Lastly, ladies, don't skip taking a vitamin to help your hair grow! This vitamin has biotin in it to help you grow long and STRONG hair! I like the gummy strawberry version best.

Price Range: $

There you have it, my friends. I hope my hair woes, can help at least one of you keep growing long, healthy beautiful hair. Maybe you will decide to try one of the products I mentioned, none, or all- of course I understand there are THOUSANDS of hair products out there that are wonderful-I only wanted to share what has been working for me lately. As always, take it with a grain of salt, and if you have had success with other brands, please feel free to share in the comments! Good luck all you ladies with lovely locks- I am slowly getting closer to joining you again with some longer, HEALTHIER locks too!


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