DB Legends Manual Account Backup

Legends has some decent account back up tools built into the game. You got Facebook, Google, & Twitter social platforms where you can store your progress in the cloud and have a way to restore if somethings goes bunk. However, there are a few fallbacks (or potentially from the game creator's view, benefits) of the social backup system.

Limited to restoring once every 24 hours

Pretty sure this restriction was put in place to complicate processing of third-party "stone" brokers. Hasn't stopped em & the fact that such services exist indicate the game currency prices are too high. Either way, it can cause some issues. Say for example you get a new phone, transfer your account, and then realize you wanna start your new device over and factory reset. Guess what. You have to wait a day before you can transfer your account & play again.

The limitation will probably never be an issue for the majority of players, but it does have potential to spark up some conflicts.

Can't access your social account

It happens. A lot. You get locked out of your social account cause it didn't like your location, someone hacked your account, too many password failures, etc. If you can't access it, you're not gonna be able to restore your Legends Account from when/if you need to. The strong dependency on social platforms to manage users and/or data does make things easier for the app development & reduces username/passwords that players have to memorize. But no system is perfect.

One game account per social account

Since there is no official way to create transfer codes, like in Dokkan, the one-to-one relationship attempts to prevent/reduce users from generating & obtaining many game accounts. Re-rolling will always be a thing. This makes you think hard about what you wanna set as your main & more of a pain to set some "this could have potential" accounts on the side for the rainy days.

Yes. You can create a bunch of dummy social accounts but that's a lot of trash to deal with and manage and hard to remember what's what once you start building a supply.

Manual backup

I could keep going on about issues and limitations but I highly doubt there will be that many people that actually read it. Don't blame you. There is a way that users are able to access (without needing a rooted device) & back up a single file that holds the data that is used to access/authenticate the game account - at least with Android. I'm sure there might be a way for rooted (or Apple dumbass lingo "jailbroken") iOS users to do something similar, but not even gonna go into that & never will.

With the "identifier" type of file, you can jump between different accounts & even have the same account loaded on different devices (you can't use the account across devices simultaneously). You can store the file in cloud backup or on other file systems external to your primary device so you always have a fallback & can use at your leisure with zero restrictions. Two sets of backup are better than one. Especially if you've burned some cash into the game.

The contents of the "identifier" file once decrypted look something sorta like the following (values in this are random/fake, don't waste your time trying to figure out how to use it):

"guid_": "1ab5ced6-8fc8-45b8-b990-72674dbb4c9c",
"key_": "687ce862-7bdc-4101-9222-bbfecd0d8e85",
"region_": "US",
"loginLanguage_": "US",
"uid_": 123456789012345678,
"playerId_": "1234567890",
"friendCode_": "xxxxxxxx"

There are several ways to get this file - no right or wrong way really & location can have some slight differences depending on your device & configuration.

On a high level here are the steps to better secure your account(s):

  • Install Explorer or Root Explorer, either will work
  • Swipe the left side menu out & select "New....."
  • Select "Local Storage Tab"
  • Navigate through the following directories:
    Android > data > com.bandainamcoent.dblegends_ww > files
  • Find the file named "ecd1bb8b626d380e93748523485ef051"
  • Hit the menu icon in the upper right hand corer (or wherever it is on your device)
  • Select "Send" to upload it to the cloud or email to yourself or whatever you want
  • You can also copy this file somewhere else on your device using the "Copy" features, as long as it is outside of "com.bandainamcoent.dblegends_ww" directory it won't be wiped if you clear the app data

If you're looking to restore/load your account onto a device with this file I would recommend first loading the app and letting it get to the tutorial part. Then, force close the app, and copy your backed up version of "ecd1bb8b626d380e93748523485ef051" into the same path as how it was backed up:


It should prompt you to replace the file, make sure you have everything backed up and have copied the correct source before following through with it.

Once you have loaded the file in & open the app it will use the information from that file to load your account. You can get creative as you want with loading accounts this way & do things really fast once you're comfortable.

Just make sure you always have backups to restore from especially if you're replacing the file and swapping out accounts frequently. If you mess something up, I'm not responsible. Hope this write up can be of use to whoever comes across it!


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