Dokkan Battle Misleading Advertisement

Was asked to help rally the troops about the latest false advertising that occurred on Global version of Dokkan Battle double dokkan summon event. NateSA wrote up the following template for those of you who want to use a base for contacting & letting em know you're unsatisfied with what happened & want some action taken.

BluePiccolo will be live streaming in about 2 hours on this matter for those who want to find out more details:

Subject: Bandai Namco’s Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Misleading advertisement, poor official apology, and in game or in store refund request

We the Player Base have a legitimate concern as to the handling of the above mentioned title by the above-mentioned publisher. For the date range of April 20th 2018 through April 23rd 2018 the player base was never made aware of a misleading error in the advertisement for a major in game campaign. During these “100 hours” Tens of thousands of players used in game currency as well as money to purchase in game currency for this advertised event. Only after the event has ended did the publisher make a formal statement acknowledging there was a misleading error on one unit in the campaign. This error made it completely impossible to pull the advertised unit, simply because the unit does not exist in the form it was advertised and more importantly, was never included in the banner’s pool, despite being featured in the advertisement.

During this major celebration The publisher proudly made posts showing the game had reached #1 in gross sales in 9 countries/ regions across all platforms. Only after achieving this did the publisher acknowledge the error.

Many have waited for a reasonable in game refund to be made by the publisher. After all there is a precedence for a full in game refund being delivered to all affected players just 3 months prior, on the sister application: Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle, Japan (JP) In January of 2018, this exact same banner campaign was released on the JP Version. Within HOURS the banner was removed because the same exact error occurred but to a lesser extent. Shortly after the campaign’s removal, it was replaced with a fixed variant of the campaign, and all affected players immediately received full compensation of in game currency used on the campaign. The turnaround between launch of campaign, acknowledgement of issue, and Refund was approximately 6 hours. The incident is very well documented on YouTube, Twitch, Mobcrush, etc. by the streaming and video content community. Currently in the version of the game listed above it has been nearly a week since the release of the campaign, and several days since the in-game acknowledgement from the publisher. Yet no reasonable compensation has been offered. There is a well document precedence as to how the Publisher treats compensation for this type of error. And the player base is understandably upset.

One Google specialist spoken with on the phone said it best. “it’s as if the publisher enjoyed the campaign, took everyone’s money realized there was an error said, ‘sorry our bad but thanks for the money!’”

Complaints directly to the publisher have gone without response. As our store, we the player base have no other choice but to petition our grievances to you. You are our advocate in this process, your publisher terms and services are in place to protect us as much as yourself. If the publisher will not listen to us, it is up to the store to put enough adequate pressure on them to ensure these types of advantages are not taken again.

We as a player base seek a fair compensation from the publisher. Such a compensation would include:

  • Complete in Game refunds of all in game currency used for the specific campaign “Super Saiyan Rose Goku Black during the specific window of April 20th 2018 and April 23rd 2018
  • An additional compensation of in game currency to ALL players for the delay of the original appropriate in game refund, the fact that a formal complaint campaign had to be drafted and submitted by an ample player base is inexcusable. For this the community is entitled to a fair compensation that is reflective of previous compensations issued to the JP version for similar mistakes. Ie. 100-300 units of in game currency, the exact amount is freely left to the publisher’s discretion but MUST be of reasonable “fairness”
  • If after pressure from the respective stores fails to result in the above requested compensations, it falls on the shoulders of the respective stores to fully compensate every user who submits a refund request for all in game purchases made in the above-mentioned game. The above mention game should not be included in the respective stores listing until all complaints have been reasonably addressed.
    It is not, nor ever was our intention to threaten or demand a course for how “business should be done” simply we are standing as a voice against an action that has gone on long enough in not just this issue, but many other previous actions. If the publisher makes moves to rectify the situation and their action satisfy the player base as a whole, this complain is to be considered null.

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