Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze (Switch)

It is finally here! I started playing last night right when it was released but didn't play for too long & needed some sleep. Played through the 1st world, mainly because I wanted to play an infamous mine cart track level, and will prematurely say that this game has lived up to what I imagined it would be & more.

I haven't played a Donkey Kong game since Donkey Kong Country Returns for the Wii, not sure if there were any others in between..? Anyways. Initial Thoughts & things I liked right off the bat.

Gorgeous Colors & Graphics

The video clips & game play have beautiful renderings that run smoothly packed with vibrant colors, not saying past Donkey Kong games didn't have these attributes. Really gives life & a positive lively feeling to the game play.


Funky Mode

This is pretty much an "Easy" difficulty option to make the game more fun for those looking to have a more pleasurable experience. I personally went with this mode without question.

In Funky Mode, Funky Kong is playable and other Kongs have an extra heart.

Items cost less, and some are more effective. You can take up to five items into a level and set your items in the meddle of a level. Any KONG letters you collect are saved when you complete a level, even if you haven't collected them all.

Main Player Selection

Original Mode

In Original Mode, the game works exactly like it does in the original Wii U version. Funky Kong is not playable in Original mode.

Item Shop

Having an option to bring helper items into a stage is going to be super helpful for me on the more difficult levels. I haven't used this yet but know I will get a lot of use from it.


The only thing I didn't like so far was that I wasn't able to change from Funky Kong to Donkey Kong after I already chose my main character. Had to return to the title screen and select my game slot to be prompted again for who I wanted to use. Just kidding, you can change the player from the options menu haha. New thing - I can't seem to find is how to disable controller vibration.


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