Facelift for Your Windows

Sometimes I just stand in one of the rooms of my house staring and wondering what I can do to change up the decor because I am bored with what is currently in there. When I get the redecorating itch, I need to literally sit myself down and talk myself out of going to Hobby Lobby, Target, Pier One, or West Elm until I can cool my compulsive jets! When I feel like I can exercise some self control (and NOT go buy everything in sight), I usually go out in search of ONE or TWO new items to spruce up my space.

What I have learned through the ever-evolving style in my home, is that the one thing that can bring instant change to a room are CURTAINS! I think I have swapped the curtains out in my living six times in the four years that I have lived in our house. Aaron doesn't even notice when I change things anymore because he never has time to get used to looking at one thing in that space long enough in the first place (hmmm, maybe I'm onto something ladies-just slide that purchase right passed him, LOL. Either that, or he honestly could care less how I decorate).

A lot of my friends have asked me to help them pick out curtains for their homes, and I always follow these three rules...

1.If the room is darker, try to find crisp white curtains to brighten the space.

My living room has dark hardwood floor in the entire space, and at one point I had curtains that just made the room feel so drab alongside the dark floors. You didn't walk into the space and feel like it was a homey and inviting place to relax. I am all about what the vibe of a place feels like, and my living room just felt like a cold cave to me. I think that sixth time's the charm though, at least in the case of my living room curtains, because I finally feel like I have found a set that compliments the style of the space and brightens up the room. There's just something so clean looking about white curtains. I fell in love the minute I hung them up! Check out some of these white curtain options that have an extra little flair...

2.If the room has a lot of interesting decor and color already present, try to find some neutral curtains that won't compete with that existing decor.

I absolutely LOVE my dining room! I think it is the most charming room in the entire house. It has amazing built-in shelves, a bay window, and lots of natural light flowing in. I found an awesome rectangular table, with INSANE velvet turquoise accent chairs that I am in love with. (I would literally paint and color everything on this planet turquoise if I could, that's how much I love that color-but I restrain myself, LOL.) I also have pops of fun pinks and fiery reds in there, so there are lots of pops of color in that room already- which means I didn't want the curtains to make the room feel overwhelming with sensory overload. I knew right when I hung up the neutral jute curtains I purchased for that room, that I had made the right choice. They added just a little extra texture to the room, without feeling like too much. If you have a room that could use a neutral set of curtains, check these out...

3.If the decor of the room is fairly neutral, go for some curtains with some interesting patterns or pops of color.

Our bedroom and the spare bedroom in our house, have pretty neutral decor. The bedspreads are a solid color, and there aren't very many other competing patterns in the rooms either. So I decided to try some fun colors and designs for the curtains in each of these rooms. I do have to say that I do like to try and mix some complimentary patterns at times in other rooms of our house, but I wanted the bedrooms to feel a little bit more serene with just the one main source of color and pattern to be in the curtains and in the paint on the wall. If you are looking to add a little interest to one of your rooms, check out some of these FUN curtains...

Gals, there are so many hundreds of thousands of curtains to choose from it can be overwhelming. Maybe you liked a pair that I posted, but if you didn't find something you like that I linked, don't give up! Keep these three curtain shopping rules in mind that I suggested, and know that the perfect curtains are out there somewhere. I have had the most luck finding curtains at Pier One, West Elm, and Wayfair. AND, if all else fails you can buy some fabric like I did, and have somebody custom make some curtains for you! I literally searched through thousands of fabric choices on Fabric.com, and had my friend Kathy whip me up the perfect set! VOILA, and good luck on your search! Just remember, curtains can really enhance your whole space, so don't settle-trust me, I have a boatload of discarded curtains to prove it! TRIAL AND ERROR!


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