Wellies For All Budgets

So I have to admit that I have a love/hate relationship with spring. I obviously LOVE that I don't freeze my face off every time I step outside; I LOVE that I can wear my fun spring clothes with wedges, sandals, OR no shoes at all, AND I LOVE that I can get outside and do some landscaping and gardening in the yard. I also am currently realllly LOVING sneezing about 100 times in a row, and not being able to see out of the little slits where my eyes should be...OK, maybe not! Every spring, my allergies seriously blow up- BUT, I really do LOVE spending time outdoors as much as possible because we don't get that many opportunities to do so in Wisconsin. So I will probably look like this guy for the next five months because I refuse to give up on the outdoors... Hang in there, MAN! I'm with ya!

Pollen meme

Another SUPER fun thing I always look forward to in spring are the land mines of dog droppings that have slowly dropped down to the ground after the snow has slowly melted away. YUCK! Since we have two dogs, and I refuse to go around picking up after them in below zero weather, our yard kind resembles a farm field with piles of manure after the first thaw. YIKES! Last week I made the mistake of running into the yard barefoot while trying to untangle my dog's tie-out leash...UMMMM, let me just say that I ran back inside cursing all the way because poo was perfectly squished between my toes! Nevermind the stench, I was so entirely grossed out by the texture that had just been slathered all over my foot (YES, I have texture issues). Needless to say, that was my cue to get on my wellies and get to work cleaning up the yard! The BEST part of wearing wellies is that you can get them as dirty and disgusting as you want, because you just get that hose out and wash off the YUCK quickly. WIN, WIN! Plus, they save your poor feet from squishing in the disgusting spring mess! YAY!

Of course, I need some FUN wellies to get me a titch more excited about my spring chores, so today I am linking some really cute options for you gals. I know that everyone is obsessed with Hunter boots, me included as you can see from the header photo, BUT honestly once you start doing your research you realize there are TONS of great options out there at more affordable prices as well! Check them out...

Wellied collage
  1. Hunter Women's Original Tall Gloss Rain Boots- $150 (Exact pair that I own, and I love them for ALL seasons. These come in lots of colors-I just love the pop of color with the red though!)
  2. Hunter Original Sissinghurst Short Rain Boots- $160 (These come in a few colors, but I love the camel color pictured. You definitely could pull these off with a casual outfit, not just for rain or weather purposes!)
  3. Pendelton Glacier National Park Tall Rain Boots- $150 (On my wishlist, how cute are these?!?)
  4. Joules Wellyprint Rain Boots- $79.95 (The Joules boots have SO many fun patterns, search their site or Zappos carries a lot of their prints. LOVE!)
  5. Chooka Julia Floral Waterproof Rain Boots- $79.95
  6. Target Women's Premier Tall Rain Boots- $34.99 (I love the color on these, and such a great deal! These come in a few colors as well.)
  7. Joules Mid Molly Welly- $69.95 (OK, seriously- picking up dog poo in doggie wellies...that would definitely make the job more bearable!! I am definitely getting these!)
  8. DAV Lace-up Weatherproof Rain Boots- $78.95 (I love these too for going out with a casual outfit, not just for bad weather or chore days. Comes in a blue color as well.)

I know this post was short and sweet today, ladies- BUT, if you are looking for some fun wellies, I hope I helped you in your search! I guess I didn't really want to perseverate too much on the ICKY spring chores ahead of me (pretty sure you guys don't want to hear too much about me picking up dog poo!!) BUT, I am sure everyone has a use for a FUNKY pair of wellies in their life-whether it's cleaning, gardening, wearing out with a cute, casual outfit, or just stomping around in the rain! So bring it on spring- now that I have my waterproof boots, I am READY for you...well, let's be real, now that I have my boots and Zyrtec, I am ready for you!!! Happy Tuesday, gals!


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