Girls Night Out + Best Off The Shoulder Tops Under $100 For Your GNO

This week felt REALLY long! It probably doesn't help when it's the middle of April, and all you really want to do all week is hibernate because of the awful weather. However, I still will never understand why some weeks seem to just fly by and other weeks DRAG on at snail speed. The one thing that got me through this week is knowing that one of my best gal pals is in town this weekend from Minneapolis. YAY- something fun to look forward to!

I get so excited when my friends who live out-of-town are visiting because I rarely get to see them, you know, because we are all too busy ADULTING! UGH! Adulting is not for the faint of heart, let me tell you. I was just brunching this morning with another one of my girlfriends, (who I barely get to see, and we live in the same town, mind you-there's that adulting thing getting in the way again) and we were just discussing how hard it is to not stress, to make big life decisions, and to stay SANE while doing so. She has been so stressed lately, I watched her eye twitch all morning long, LOL. AND neither of us has kids yet!! Mothers out there-how do you do it?!? I bow down to you- you are amazing creatures!

WELLL, I have a guess for how I will survive if I do add a child to the mix- and that coping mechanism I think might involve copious amounts of WINE!!! That is in fact what I plan to use as my survival method for this evening as well. Laura, Colleen, and I are headed to the Blind Horse Winery in Kohler, WI for an evening of sipping on some vino and unwinding. If you are ever in the SE Wisconsin area, you should definitely check this winery out for yourself! We especially love to chill there in the summer when they have their outdoor patio set up right along a little river with the willow trees encircling you in your own little wine-filled cocoon. What more could you want? BUT for tonight's GNO we definitely will not get to sit outside because of the FOOT of snow that we're getting...NOOOO!!

Check out some of these fun tops for your own GNO. I am obsessed with all off the shoulder tops and would wear one everyday if possible. Sadly living in Wisconsin, we get a very short window to do so, so I have this style on repeat in summer. They are perfect for going out on the town, especially the ones linked below because they are under $100! YESSSS!

I boycotted the weather tonight, and still wore an off the shoulder top- it sold out because it was on major sale at JCrew, but I linked some similar styles below!

Express Off the Shoulder Smocked Ruffle TopRevolve By the Way Olive Off the Shoulder Top

Here are some fun long sleeve off the shoulder tops that are under $100 and in my shopping cart as we speak...

  1. 1.State Tiered Off The Shoulder Top $89
  2. Free People Hello There Beautiful Shirt $46.80 (SALE!!)
  3. BP Cotton Off the Shoulder Top $45
  4. Express Crochet Off the Shoulder Blouse $59.90 (I love both color options, but definitely think I will get the light pink!)
  5. Express Striped Eyelet Off the Shoulder Cotton Blouse $69.90
  6. Endless Rose Tiered Top $27 (SALE!!)

I am dreaming of summer, so here are a few of the shorter sleeve off the shoulder tops I plan to get, again, all for under $100...

  1. ASOS Design Off Shoulder Top In Bright Stripes $19 (Seriously love these fun colors and such a STEAL!)
  2. Express Fitted Sweetheart Off Shoulder Top $39.90 (I love the idea of this one tucked into high waisted pants with a belt!)
  3. Urban Outfitters Embroidered Off The Shoulder Top $69 (So cute with a high waisted skirt!)
  4. Rip Curl Soulmate Off the Shoulder Ruffle Top $44.95
  5. BP Cold Shoulder Ruffle Trim Top $42
  6. Free People Vacay Vibin' Cold Shoulder Top $88.80 (Sale at Nordstrom only!)

ANNNND, let's be real, this is what we are actually wearing for girls night out in Wisconsin this week! Have a great week ahead ladies!


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