Hats Off To You

Does anybody else LOVE watching reruns of the I Love Lucy show? I have seen every single episode of that show from start to finish because my mom and I always loved watching it together. I feel like Lucy and I would have been kindred spirits- always drumming up and brainstorming crazy plans; our hubbies in turn, rolling their eyes at us, thinking we're absolutely nutty, and really the motivation behind all of these schemes usually has to do with earning more money to buy shoes, clothes, or FASHION!! LOL!

Lucy's insane wardrobe was definitely one of our favorite parts of the show-we always sat awestruck by her FABULOUS dresses and AMAZING hats! Every time I wear a hat, it reminds me of the classy ladies of the 40s and 50s- they ALWAYS wore a hat with almost every outfit. What a great way to spice up an outfit! Why don't we do this anymore, ladies? I find it so interesting to watch the evolution of fashion over time, and researching that era of fashion has always been my favorite. Man, it looked like so much fun to get all fancied up to go to a chic club to listen to a live jazz band and dance the night away! LOVE!

Lucille ball hats

This year, I have been getting more and more into wearing hats. Living in Wisconsin, of course, means that I have LOTS of cute winter hats. BUT, I have been stocking up on some really adorable spring/summer hats as well. Since my discovery of dry shampoo, I try to go as long as possible without actually washing my hair- AND, after the third day or so, a hat is definitely an extremely helpful accessory to have, HAH!

Kitsch Panama hat
Brixton panama hat
Linking my bodysuit that I am wearing here too- V Neckline Frill Trim Bodysuit

I am linking some fun vacation, spring weather hats below, AND then keep scrolling to check out some baseball cap options too... yes, yes, I know Lucy wouldn't dare wear a baseball cap, BUT us modern day women can ROCK a baseball cap hard! Every gal loves a good cap for a more relaxed look!

Spring hats
  1. VICI Maya Bay Panama Hat- $24
  2. Etsy Resting Beach Face Sun Hat- $23.85 (You can get other sayings stitched onto this hat- SO ADORABLE!)
  3. Target A New Day Floppy Hat- $12.99
  4. Nordstrom Madewell Mesa Packable Straw Hat- $38 (Definitely getting this for my upcoming vacation because it won't smoosh in my suitcase! YES!)
  5. Nordstrom Brixton Joanna Straw Hat- $44 (This is one of the hats I am wearing pictured in photos above-in LOVE with this hat!)
  6. Nordstrom Kitsch Wide Brim Felt Panama Hat- $49 (Also wearing this pictured above, this will definitely be my go to on a bad hair day!)
Womens baseball caps
  1. Nordstrom Treasure and Bond Canvas Baseball Cap- $19 (OK, seriously, I am obsessed with ALL things chambray! Just ordered this one! )
  2. NFL Shop Green Bay Packer New Era Baseball Cap- $16.49 (On sale- us Wisconsinites LOVE our GB Packers, BUT if you are not a Packer fan, check out NFLShop for your team's apparel. So many good options.)
  3. Anthropologie Camo Baseball Cap- $32 (On my wishlist!)
  4. Victoria's Secret Pink MLB Baseball Cap- $32.95 (Of course I linked the hometown favorites, but they have lots of other teams to choose from as well!)
  5. Etsy Mrs. Hat- $14.95 (Do you know a bride-to-be, or are you a bride-to-be? What a fun gift for a new bride, ladies! LOVE!)
  6. Volcom Cherry Bombs Dad Hat -$25 (Diggin' the leopard print, especially because you can make leopard print into almost a "neutral" nowadays.)

So, there you have it- AND, hats off to you, ladies! Enjoy dressing up your cabeza with some super fun hats. Dry shampoo on, my friends- these hats will be here to save the day!

Photo Cred: My Bestie, Colleen


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