Lovin' My Lancome Lipstick

Up until six months ago I NEVER willingly chose to wear lipstick. I know that sounds totally crazy since I love all things make-up related- BUT, I would put lipstick on, look in the mirror, and think WHOA who is this clown staring back at me?!? I think my hatred for lipstick started when we would have dance performances when I was younger, and we'd all have to wear the same putrid color of red. Of course, I always thought lipstick looked nice on other girls, but I felt a bit self conscious when it came to my own reflection in the mirror- would all they see are these duck lips walking in from across the room? Frightening thought at the time!

I don't know what spurred me on to try lipstick in my adult life, but I think I am finally to a point in life where I don't care as much what others think, and I'm just trying to do ME! AND, apparently the newest version of me feels like lipstick gives me a little giddy up in my step and a little pep to my daily look. AND, I have actually been wearing lipstick DAILY since I figured out how much I absolutely love it. I giggled at my students, because one day recently I decided to wear more of a neutral lip color again, and they asked me where my lips went, LOL! The things these kiddos notice! AND, for our teacher/student swap day, a group of the little girls in my class came to school in "fancy teacher dresses" with lipstick on. Crack me up!

It's been kind of funny how much I have done a 180 on the lipstick front. I think the number one thing that has helped change my mind though is finding the right brand and colors. Something you will learn about me is that I am pretty much obsessed with all Lancome products, so that is where I started my lipstick search. Yes, I have found some other great brands of lipsticks along the way, which I will share in future posts, but I am going to start with my Lancome favorites.

Check out my top four Lancome picks below...

1.Lancome Matte Shaker Liquid

My 3 favorite colors in the Matte Shaker are "I Like To Mauve It!", "Pink A Boo", and "Pink Power". They retail at $22.

SWOON! I am seriously enamored with this stuff right here! The one thing that I found extremely annoying during my search for the perfect lipstick is the fact that most of them would fade after only an hour or so of wear. WHAT A WASTE! This matte shaker stays on for hours though, and usually even stays put through most of my eating and drinking! Check out the picture below- my friend Abby and I took a cooking class together tonight, and this matte shaker did me right, gals! It didn't budge after sampling our food! YES! I do have to reapply a little bit here and there throughout the day, but not nearly as much as most of the other brands that I tried. The consistency of this is more like a lipstain, which is why it stays on so nicely. The one thing I do suggest is to possibly add a little neutral gloss over the top because it truly has a matte finish, which can be a little drying for your lips. AND, that brings me to my next Lancome product...the GLOSS!

2.Lancome Juicy Tubes

My 2 favorite colors in the Juicy Tubes are "Simmer" and "Magic Spell". These retail at $19.

I have always been a huge fan of Juicy Tubes. This is what I have been wearing alone for years before adding the lip color underneath. I love this product because most other glosses always feel too heavy and sticky, but not the Juicy Tubes! They add a lot of shine and a little bit of neutral color. I could live on this lipgloss alone for the rest of my life, HAH! Just add this as a sort of topcoat to all of the other lipsticks suggested for a little moisture as well.

3.Lancome L'Absolu Gloss

My favorite color is the L'Absolu Gloss is "Grand Cru Cream". They retail for $25.

OK, this is my latest Lancome find, and it is divine! It actually kind of combines what I love about the Matte Shaker and the Juicy Tube all into one magical little bottle. This product gives you some serious long-lasting color like the shaker, but also gives you the moisture and shine of the juicy tube. PERFECTION!

4.Lancome Color Design Lipstick

My 2 favorite colors in the Color Design are "Out With a Bang Matte" and "Love It Cream" (for a more neutral look). These retail for $23.

This is the more traditional lipstick choice out of all of the products I have listed. I love both the matte and cream versions, and both offer great coverage. I have had pretty good luck with this product staying put for a fairly long time, especially the darker colors that I have tried. The cream colors do offer a fairly moisturized look on your lips already, but again with the matte version, I do layer a little bit of a Juicy Tube over the top (unless you like that drier, flatter matte look). Either way, these look great, especially for a more professional look!

There you have it, ladies! The nice thing about Lancome is they run "free gift with purchase" specials often at retail stores, which means you spend a certain amount of money and in turn you get a BUNCH of free products! AMAZING! Also, if you sign up for their emails and "Elite Rewards" program through their website, you can get some awesome discounts and rack up some spending points to use as a discount later! Let me know how you like the Lancome products, if you try them gals. Happy Tuesday!


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