Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

Just started getting into gaming again after going several years without buying a system. The previous console I purchased was a Nintendo Wii, so yea that was some time ago.

I got my Switch sometime in Summer 2017 & picked up one of the Pro Controllers just cause I wanted a real controller to use. After playing Mario Kart with my wife for a bit and getting used to using the Pro Controller when playing solo, I realized how much better it was than the Joy Con one & got another one so it would be fair when we played.

At first I was a bit salty about the pricing of them, I think they're like $10-20 more than xbox or PS4 ones, but it wasn't until after I purchased a PS4 and had a different controller to compare to that I realized how AMAZING the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is.

Many games are primarily based on using joysticks & the reach that is needed for the PS4 joysticks is ridiculous. No I don't have small hands. So I can only imagine how uncomfortable it is for a kid trying to play a game on PS4. Now the Switch Pro controller. The left joystick is where the PS4s D-pad is. That is the most natural position ever. I love that Nintendo Switch for doing that.

Not to mention the batter on the Switch Pro Controllers tend to last way longer than PlayStations. It doesn't have wasteful lights that are forced on (yes I'm aware you can dim it) & built in speaker that I don't even use. I have a TV & Soundbar for a reason. I don't need high toned trashy sound coming from the controller that just wastes battery. OH and how can I forget the pointless touchpad on the PS4 controller. I'm shocked it doesnt have a wireless hotspot, chat app, electronic can opener, or a paper shredder in its design along with 1000s of other useless things that a controller should have.

In all honesty, I prefer to buy games / play my Switch over my PS4 because of a stupid controller.


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