On Trend Rainbow Colors

This past weekend the weather was just amazing- high of 90s during the day, with a low of 70s in the evening and a light summer evening breeze. PERFECTION! I seriously love the summertime in the Midwest. There's just something about it that takes me back to the comforts of the carefree days of my childhood- where all summer long you'd run around barefoot chasing the lightning bugs, not coming in until the last speck of sunlight was drained from the sky. Where you'd get that perfectly sun-kissed glow from swimming and biking around literally ALL day long. AND, you had absolutely NO responsibilities, other than finding out where the gang was getting together next. MAN, those were the days!

Of course, I have always been a sucker for summer fashion...HELLO tank tops, shorts, skirts, and flowy dresses are the EASIEST things to just throw on and GO, that way the fun can start right away! AND, I am definitely loving the summer trends this year, especially the fact that the rainbow color mix is back in clothing! How fun is it to wear bright colors on a sun-shiny summer day to just boost your mood?!? Let's be honest here people, we get sooooo many stinking months of gray skies here in Wisconsin during winter, that it can become slightly depressing. AND, sometimes I feel like our clothing can reflect that kind of glum mood we might all be feeling inside during the coldest winter months..because I usually wear a lot of gray, gray, gray, OH and more gray during the coldest months. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE me some gray. BUT, as soon as that weather changes here, folks, us Wisconsinites are ready to rock our cheery colors and summer wear (which really means the minute it hits like 50 degrees, we are ready to throw on our first pair of shorts for the season, LOL).

I remember in sixth grade rainbow colors were on trend, and I would always paint my fingernails and toenails in a rainbow pattern (one red, one orange, one yellow...you get the point. YES, I was taking that look a little bit over the top, LOL). Even though you probably won't catch me rocking that same kind of manicured look, you will definitely catch me wearing some fun rainbow colors in my outfits. This past weekend when my family and I went to Chicago for our girls getaway, I wore a super cute off the shoulder top with all of the fun rainbow colors in it. It was a hit, and I got lots of nice compliments! WOO! So I thought I would link a few fun rainbow themed pieces for you all incase you want to jump on the colorful bandwagon yourself. Check them out...

Rainbow Off The Shoulder Top Linked Below

Other Outfit Details:

EarringsJean Skirt

Urban outfitters rainbow shirt

Rainbow Crop Long Sleeve Top Linked Below

Earrings (same as earrings linked above)

Other Outfit Details:

JeansSimilar WedgesHat

Rainbow trend collage
  1. Nordstrom WAYF Toulon Tiered Ruffle Top- $69 (Exact off the shoulder top I am wearing in top pic. LOVE!)
  2. Madewell Short-Sleeve Tie-Front Shirt in Rainbow Stripe- $72
  3. UO Out From Under Jojo Oversized Thermal Button-Front Top- $44 (Hurry, this one sells out quickly! I also have this thermal in tan, and it is SERIOUSLY comfy!)
  4. UO Maya Embroidered Fringe Cropped Top- $69 (Exact crop I am wearing in second pic. SO CUTE!)
  5. Forever 21 Multicolor Rainbow-Striped Shirt- $17.90
  6. ASOS Boohoo Bardot Rainbow Stripe Dress- $35
  7. ASOS PrettyLittleThing Rainbow Stripe Body- $24
  8. ASOS Off Shoulder Sundress With Tiered Skirt In Rainbow Stripe- $29 (Also comes in ASOS TALL and ASOS Curve)
  9. VICI Carousel Striped Halter Maxi Dress- $52 (This is a preorder and the site says it will ship mid-June, but order quickly if you like this because things sell out fast on the VICI website!)

CHEERS to the start of summer! I hope all of you out there have a great summer planned ahead- full of adventure, fun, and brightly colored FASHION! Have a great weekend, friends!


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