One of My Favorite Places to Buy Earrings

Please tell me this has happened to you...You put TWO earrings away in your jewelry box, and you know you definitely had BOTH earrings when you put them away, but the next time you go to wear them ONE has magically disappeared!!! REALLY?!? How does this happen?? Ok, I know everyone says this happens with socks in the laundry, but who cares about socks?!? I can go buy a brand new pair of stinking socks at Target for less than five bucks. Now that you are getting to know me you should know that I NEVER wear socks anyway, so I don't care it they get lost. I just steal a new pair from Aaron's drawer then. BUT, I can't steal earrings from Aaron's drawers when I lose them-UGHHH!!

I'm not going to lie, yesterday I almost lost my mind looking for ONE measly earring. I swear it was there on Friday when I wore them last, but there I stood looking like a fool turning everything in my closet upside down! Poor Aaron got wrangled into helping me leave no corner unturned, but it was seriously nowhere to be found. AND, of course, I went to check if I could just purchase a new pair, but they were all sold out. NOOOOO!! (I know it shouldn't be the end of the world, but after an extremely loooong Monday, everything can seem catastrophic.)

Luckily, I calmed myself down after reorganizing the whole shelf where I keep my earrings because I realized how many fun earrings I really do have to wear- I have NOTHING to complain about and should just be grateful!! Sheesh girl, pull yourself together! While I was in my closet, I also realized how many pairs of fabulous earrings that I have purchased from the Baublebar website, so I thought I would share my top purchases with all of you today. This is ABSOLUTELY one of my favorite places to buy earrings (stay tuned for future posts on my other favorite accessory hot spots).

  1. Maraca Drop Earrings- $34
  2. Grecian Tassel Earrings- $42
  3. Mazarine Hoop Earrings- $36
  4. Ice Lily Hoop Earrings- $42
  5. Gabriela Stud Tassel Earrings- $48
  6. Triana Hoop Resin Earrings- $38

SALE ALERT- Remember the earrings that I linked with my Easter day outfit?Well they are now on sale! WOO! These are my absolute favorite pair of Baublebar earrings, and they are on sale right now for $12!!! Such a steal, ladies!!

7. Miana Tassel Earrings -$12 (These are low in stock because of the sale! So act fast if you like them! )

I am also linking some earrings that are similar to some of my other favorites. I purchased all of the earrings pictured above from different places online, and most of them are sold out now, but I found some pairs that are similar to these on the Baublebar site. Check them out!

  1. Tulipa Sequin Drop Earrings- $36
  2. Azalea Flower Stud Earrings- $36
  3. Onella Drop Earrings -$42
  4. Disc Drop Earrings- $24 (On Sale-Low Stock)
  5. Sonatina Tassel Earrings- $36

As always, I hope you have fun searching for some fun new earrings, my friends! As you can tell I prefer to wear really big, crazy earrings, and Baublebar has SO many amazing styles to choose from to funk up your outfits! Another awesome thing about Baublebar is that if you sign up for an account (it doesn't cost any money to do so), you can earn points for each purchase. Each dollar you spend, is worth what they call "Vault Points". This means that when you rack up enough vault points, you can get a nice amount of money knocked off the original price of the item! SCORE! Also, If you are trying to save money, and some of these prices seem to be a bit too much, check out SUGARFIX by Baublebar at Target- same fun style, but a little bit easier on the checkbook! So, happy shopping and happy Tuesday, all!

Update One Week Later:

Welllllll, here it is ladies- the earring I lost my mind looking for last week! I went into the drawer where I have all of my leggings neatly folded, took this pair of leggings out, and what to my wondering eyes did appear?!? SERIOUSLY, how did this happen?? OY! My first reaction was elation at finding this puppy, and my second reaction was to bust a gut because I have NO CLUE how this got hooked to a pair of leggings and folded in a drawer without me noticing! LOL! This just goes to show that trying to organize your life while exhausted is never a good idea. Take it from me!


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