Overall, I Think LOVE The Overalls Trend

Anybody else remember the days of wearing a pair of comfy overalls when you were little? My mom loved dressing me up in the cutest Oshkosh B'Gosh version. They were corduroy pink with fun little designs on them, and if I remember correctly, I think it was even a skirt bottom instead of pants. Of course, they were coordinated with and matched the white and pink little heart tights that I had. OH, and don't forget the gigantic bow that matched as well. HELLO 80's baby over here!

Fast forward to the 90's when I was in middle school, and you might recall that the overalls trend cycled back again- BUT, the trend evolved into wearing overalls with just ONE of the straps buckled, and the other strap would just swing around behind you. Think old school rapper style! Sometimes I look back at pictures of how we all dressed when we were younger, and it makes me bust out into a fit of giggles. I remember always leaving the house thinking OOOOH YAAA, this outfit is soooo cool! LOL!

I always find it really fascinating reading about the evolution of fashion (did you check out the header video?? SO FUN!), especially when it's a trend that has cycled back over and over again, but in each era the trend gets tweaked a little bit every time. Of course each time a trend cycles through, we think OH, this is the best version of this trend ever! We nailed it this time! And then ten years later, we look back and think WHOA, what were we thinking?!? Cue the evolution of the overalls...When I saw that this trend was coming back around, I was a little unsure if I would jump on the bandwagon or not. BUT, the one thing that suckered me back into a pair of overalls was the fact that they were always so COMFORTABLE!

The one tricky thing that I have found with overalls though, is finding the right shoes, accessories, and shirt to go underneath. I don't want to end up looking too much like I should be shoveling manure on the farm (which there is nothing wrong with that, because HEY, I am a Wisconsin girl here)- BUT, I just am not a HUGE fan of the farmer look for myself. SO, I tried an off the shoulder top, some FUN bow slides, and some funky earrings to spice up the look just a little bit. MAN, did I fall back in love with overalls ladies! I am lovin' the long pants styles, shorts versions, and even some cute skirt overalls! Check out my links below if you have been searching for a pair for yourself...

Me in old Navy overalls

Overalls Linked Below

Other Outfit Details:

Off The Shoulder Long Sleeve TeeBow Slide SandalsTassel Hoops

Overalls collage


  1. Free People Lexden Denim Overall- $98 (Similar to the pair I have on.)
  2. Free People A-Line Overall- $128 (These are on my wishlist! I love that these kind of look like a throwback to the 70s denim jumpsuit/overall trend!)
  3. Forever 21 Distressed Denim Patch Overalls- $16 (On Sale! Major STEAL!)


  1. Old Navy Denim Shortalls for Women- $44.99
  2. Express Black Distressed Original Denim Overall Shorts- $29.90 (On Sale!)
  3. Levi’s SilverTab Striped Shortall Overall- $98


  1. Free People Modern Femme Jumper- $78
  2. Urban Outfitters BDG Double Breasted Denim Skirtall Overall- $69
  3. Free People Harley Denim Pini Dress- $178 (LOVE!)

Ladies, there are literally HUNDREDS of these styles out there! I just rounded-up my favorites that I have seen while I was doing some searching for myself. I hope you ENJOY wearing your new pair of overalls, if you decide to buy some! I am having flashbacks to elementary and middle school as I type, but as skeptical as I was at first, I am definitely glad this trend is back. It makes for a sweeter, more whimsical look- who doesn't love that?!? Have an amazing weekend, all!


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