Pop of Color For Summer- Turquoise and Sunshine Yellow

I have always found color psychology really interesting. In one of my college psych classes, we studied a little bit about this theory, and I kind of forgot about it until I came across this really interesting article on it a couple of days ago again. (MAN, you can actually find some interesting articles randomly when you set up a Google Now account on your phone.) It's fascinating to listen to what different people feel when they see different colors (read that article, friends). For example, they talk about the color yellow making people feel warm and energized, but yet somewhat anxious and overwhelmed because it's such an attention grabbing color. They also mentioned that more people had more panic attacks in yellow rooms, than in any other color room because of the overwhelming effect it has on your senses. INTERESTING! Artists, interior designers, and anybody in the marketing arena has probably studied, or at least heard of, the different theories on color in order to visually appeal to their clients. BUT, like with anything else in life, I feel like what is attractive to me, might not be attractive to you. AND, hey, that's totally ok!! So we shouldn't try to lump everybody into one neat category all the time.

When I started blogging I did a lot of research on how to make things look visually appealing to an audience, and one of the most interesting things I read was to try and have as much BLUE in photos as possible. Apparently blue is a very appealing color to most people, so there have been studies done that show that people will like these blue-filled pictures more. WELLLL, so far I haven't been very successful in overly appealing to all the blue lovers out there, because I have figured out (after reading all the descriptions for all colors in the article I linked) that I am much more attracted to greens and yellows. When I read that yellow actually made people panicky, I kind of chuckled to myself thinking about how my childhood room was yellow for YEARS- who knew I might have been causing other people distress by making them hang out in there, HAH!

I feel like yellow speaks to me because it just seems so cheerful, and it reminds me of the sun and summer, which evokes happy memories of my childhood summers. Who doesn't love sitting in the sunshine, with their feet up, eyes closed, just soaking in the warmth? SEE, that just sounds heavenly to me, not panicky. My favorite color EVER though is turquoise green. I seriously would wear this color every day if I could in some garment of clothing or another. AND, as an adult I have veered away from yellow in my home decor, and instead I have replaced that color obsession with my turquoise and teal obsession. As I was reading the article, it all kind of made sense. Green is more calming to me than blue is actually. Turquoise green reminds me of the amazing ocean colors you see on tropical vacations, which instantly makes me feel relaxed and peaceful. SO, I guess I disagree with the vast majority of people on the blue front. I think green is where it's at, with yellow coming in as a very close second!

All of this reading about color psychology inspired me to share some FUN pops of my favorite colors in some clothing that I have linked below. As I said before, I am very attracted to yellows and greens- AND, I have found that I LOVE yellow in my clothing, and turquoise green more in my accessories. So I made a little mix and match of some of my latest, and greatest purchases in my favorite colors! Hopefully the yellow doesn't make you feel anxious here, ladies! AND, I'd love to hear from you on what your opinions are on the different colors. I think our differences are what make life so interesting! What color are you attracted to the most? What emotions does that color evoke in you? Does your favorite color represent many of your personality traits? Do you gravitate towards that color in your own fashion choices? SOOO fascinating, my friends!

Pop of color collage
  1. Nordstrom Madewell Texture & Thread Tiered Tank- $45 (Exact tank I am wearing in pic. SUPER comfy!)
  2. Pomp And Circumstance Boutique Paradise Found Earrings- $38 (Very similar to earrings I am wearing in pic. I love this little boutique-I have ordered lots from here!)
  3. Nordstrom Mural Oversize Blazer- $75 (Exact blazer I am wearing in pic.)
  4. Baublebar Rishita Tassel Pendent Necklace- $42
  5. Nordstrom Topshop Heron Print Kimono- $130 (Exact kimono I am wearing in pic. Seriously, ladies, I love the retro 70s vibe of this kimono!)
  6. Betsy Pittard Celeste Necklace- $38 (OK, people, I happened to find Betsy's site through the Pomp and Circumstance Boutique, AND I seriously love ALL of her jewelry. I have ordered quite a few pieces from her, and she is awesome to work with. I had one necklace that needed to be fixed, AND she did it so quickly with free shipping and gave me a gift card to the site for my troubles-which really wasn't trouble at all, it was something minor that needed to be fixed! I am all for supporting small businesses! Plus, she puts out new collections every month. SCORE!)
  7. Nordstrom Rebecca Minkoff Doris Halter Top- $98
  8. Baublebar Taina Cocktail Ring- $36
  9. Nordstrom Topshop Scallop Cami- $30

As always, ladies, have a great weekend! Enjoy the bright yellow sunshine! I know I will (especially because it is officially summer break starting tomorrow! YAY!).


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