Pre Makeup/Morning Skincare Tips To Brighten Up Your Look

Have I mentioned before that I am NOT a morning person?!? OH yessss, I have, and probably will a million more times. It almost kind of feels a wee bit physically painful to get out of bed some mornings, LOL- that's how seriously tired I feel every time I get up! I lie in my bed, as my alarm is buzzing at 6:30 (which is probably late for some of you) counting down from ten to zero about 100 times, thinking that by the time I get to zero one of the times, my body will just spring out of bed, ready to take on the day....UMMMM, yaaaaa, doesn't happen! No wonder I have to count down that many times, because I think I was literally born without a "spring" anywhere in my body. I don't "spring" anywhere until like noon! I kind of admire the people who can just jump out of bed, all perky, raring to go. Notice I said kind of, because I also kind of want to plug my ears when I hear someone who's super chipper in the morning. Like what is there to be chipper about right now?? Please, let me in on your secret- because I don't find anything that chipper until like maybe 10 o'clock! Sure, I act like I am alive and awake for my students, but any adult that knows me, understands that is just an act, HAH! Anybody else feel me??

When I have my summer days off, (YAY, we only have 11 more days of school-I'm not excited or anything over here, WOO) I let my body go to sleep and wake up when it naturally wants to because I don't have anywhere to be, SCORE! AND, every single summer that means my natural rhythm keeps me up until 2 in the morning, and then I sleep in until around 11. I just seem to be WAY more productive at night. BUT, unfortunately most professions in this world don't allow me to operate on that timing, so once the school year rolls around again, I am in for a HUGE sleep readjustment, OUCH! I really wish I was one of those people who could say Oh, I did the laundry already, cleaned the house, went grocery shopping, exercised and it's only 8 A.M.- Insert a majorly <loving> eye roll to anyone who says that to me. Isn't it interesting how all of our bodies are SO incredibly different?

My best friend growing up was, and still is, a MAJOR morning person- Again, here is why I say I lovingly roll my eyes, because I LOVE her still to this day, BUT you gotta let the exhausted girl over here sleep! I say that because every single time we would have sleepovers at her house, she would wake up at the butt crack of dawn, and start throwing her dog's squeaky toys around the house for him to chase...REALLY GIRLFRIEND?!? I would just sit up, give her the death stare, and proceed to cover my head with my pillow and refuse to get up. I was also the girl who lived literally ONE block from my elementary school, BUT because my parents could NOT get me out of bed ever, my dad would drive me the ONE block to school so I wouldn't be late. HAHA- that seriously still makes me laugh! Can you tell I was a stubborn little thing?

Luckily, my husband and I are both night owls. We both LOVE to stay up late and hang out. AND, in turn we both LOVE to sleep in as long as we want to in the morning. This is why our decision to have children is still up in the air because, WATCH, we would end up with a child who wants to wake up every morning at 5 A.M. Oh mylanta, I seriously don't know what we would do!

OK, here is where my other problem lies with not being a morning person- I look like a very droopy raccoon in the morning. My eyes are as big as tea bags, my face has sleep lines all over it, and I pretty much can't open my eyes because I might be part vampire and the light hurts. SO, how do I WAKE myself up and BRIGHTEN up my face to make it look like I'm ready for the day, you might ask. Well that is what I am happy to share with you gals tonight. Again, this is just what has worked for ME- take this all with a grain of salt, and use what you can or want to from my suggestions. OR, even better, if you have more morning routine ideas that will help make me more presentable and ready to take on the day, please share them with me! Let's help each other out ladies, because I really hope I am not the only person out there who has this major aversion to mornings. Read on to find out my best little morning tips, and click on the pictures to shop the products...

1.Lancome Advanced Genifique Youth Activating Serum First

lancome advanced genifique youth activating serum

This stuff right here is a Godsend! Since I started using this product, my skin has definitely had a more vibrant, healthy look, even on my SLEEPIEST of mornings. About six months ago, I really was on a rampage to make a change in my skincare routine, and this statement on the Lancome site caught my eye-This powerful anti-aging serum works to improve skin's key signs of youth: radiance, elasticity, firmness, skin tone, and smoothness. I remember thinking to myself, UMMM, this sounds too good to be true. BUT, I went to my local Lancome counter anyway to ask for a sample of this serum (you will come to find I am obsessed with all things Lancome). MAN, did I run back to the Lancome counter when I was out of my little sample. I honestly could see a difference in my skin after only a couple weeks of use. This is the first thing I put on my face after I get out of the shower, AND, ladies it's definitely worth the price!

2.Neutrogena SPF 30 Next

Neutrogena healthy defense SPF 30

HEY, you, ya, YOU! Have you been wearing your sunscreen?? Ok, I know I sound like my mother- BUT, this is a legit question, ladies! Every morning after I put on my serum, the very next thing that I actually put on my face is a sunscreen lotion as a base layer. You are probably wondering how this helps brighten and wake my face up in the morning, and to that I say sunscreen helps PROTECT your skin from sun damage, which in turn stops those nasty little things called WRINKLES from appearing on your face!! So, in my opinion, the less wrinkles I get throughout time, the more youthful and vibrant my skin will look, even in the morning! I actually use this Neutrogena lotion that I linked above that has SPF 30 in it. It's super light and doesn't seem to clog my pores. AND, I was happy to see that after doing my research for all of you in order to find the best daily moisturizing sunscreen options, this lotion was listed as one of the 12 best according to Allure magazine. Check out the article, and be proactive, my friends! Just say NO to harmful sun rays, and YES to less wrinkly days!

3.GLAMGLOW Products After That

glamglow products

Gals, I don't want to reiterate too much about these GLAMGLOW products because I just did a whole post reviewing them (check out the post here). The GLAMGLOW Volcasmic Matte Glow Moisturizer (for my chin and neck) and the GLAMGLOW Glowstarter Mega Illuminating Moisturizer (for my forehead and under eyes) are the next two products I use after my sunscreen has dried and set in. I am seriously obsessed with this brand! Honestly ladies, these lotions are like heaven in a jar. PLUS, the Glowstarter is absolutely the best highlighting moisturizer I have ever tried, and definitely gives me that more FRESH and LIVELY look that I need in the morning. Give them a try- ALSO, GLAMGLOW has TONS of great deals, so sign up for their email alerts. They just had their buy one, get one free deal. So I got six large sized jars for the price of three, and I was pumped!

4.Lancome La Base Pro Primer Then

la base pro

OK, OK- you are probably thinking this product is just a gimmick and totally unnecessary. I am here to say that I was a skeptic too. I thought the lady at the Lancome counter was just trying to get me to spend more money (which is easy to do, HAH), but honestly this stuff is awesome! After all of my moisturizers have dried, I apply a very SMALL amount of this primer with my finger to my forehead and under eye/cheek area. AND, it honestly shrinks the appearance of my pores and smooths over some of my morning time imperfections. It also really helps my makeup go on very smoothly. SO, if you don't have a primer in your arsenal already, give this one a try. I am never going back, ladies- I am totally HOOKED!

5.The White Eyeliner Trick Last

lancome white eyeliner

One of the last things I do in the morning to create the illusion of a brighter, more radiant appearnace is to put white eyeliner in the corner of my eyes and under my brow arches to make them appear more youthful (I usually do this right before I put on the remainder of my eye makeup). Maybe you've heard of putting lighter colors in these places, and I used to do this with a highlighter shadow color. BUT, I felt like the eyeshadow rubbed off and faded fairly quickly losing the effect. SO, as I was researching, I found many different articles that suggested using white eyeliner to brighten instead of eyeshadows because it's longer lasting. You just have to be careful to blend the eyeliner into the corner of your eyes and under your brows so you don't get a blunt line, which would look kind of funny! I will do a later post on the rest of my makeup products, BUT I definitely wanted to throw this trick out there for you ladies to try now, especially because it will definitely help brighten and liven up your morning look.

Me at lake Michigan

After ALL of this + my makeup routine (which will be shared in a future post), I can somewhat convince people I am bright, chipper, and ready for the day! I think I look pretty awake in this picture- haha!

Outfit Details:

Sweatshirt (On sale!)BodysuitJeansEarrings

Ladies, maybe you have heard of all of these little tips before, BUT I thought I would share them anyway- you know, just incase you hadn't! Of course, the rest of my makeup routine, helps finish off my look. However, this should give you a good base to start with! I know that I am huge into researching something before I try it. SO, I hope if you are in the research stage of skincare, you find this post helpful. AND, like I said at the beginning of the post, if you have any new or exciting morning skincare tricks for me to try out-let me know! I am always up for trying something new! Good luck in the mornings, my friends. OR, maybe I'm the only one that needs the luck! Have a SUPER Tuesday!


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