Pressure to Be Perfect, But You GO Rock That Casual Look If You Want To Girl

This topic has been weighing on my heart lately- the pressure to have the perfect look and be all put together, all the time, is REAL! My desire for this blog will always be to share with all of you what it's really like in ALL facets of my world, not just the parts where I get all glammed up... Instead I vow to share the good, the bad, and everything in between- Because, let me tell you right now, I am the furthest thing from having it all together all the time!! I may not post the crazy pics of myself often- but trust me, that doesn't mean I don't have crazy looking days! There are soooo many days when I am so exhausted after teaching all day, keeping up with my exercise routine, cleaning, running a household (and the list goes on and on), that I probably look and feel like I've been electrocuted! My hair is sticking up and out in all directions; I am sitting there in my sweaty workout clothes five hours after working out because I am too tired to rip my stupid sports bra off (that's hard work, ladies, especially when it's stuck to the sweat on your body); my make-up has probably run off and gotten completely smudged, AND I definitely don't have a nice, fresh glow. I really actually rock the exhausted chic look A LOT-that's a thing, RIGHT?!?! This is the real LISA that everyone gets most of the time. (So much so, that when I wear a REAL bra my husband gets excited about it, LOL. It's the little things, people!)

YUP- this is me right after my body pump class sweat sesh. I was actually going to try and take a cute selfie to show my new Quay Sunglasses that I ordered to update my Searching For Sunnies post...I figured my sweaty face and crazy make-up drippage would be covered by the shades, but I literally took like 25 attempts at a selfie, and said SCREW IT!

We all go on social media and take a look at the images and see these perfect looking women, with seemingly perfect lives and perfect husbands and perfect homes- AND, then we think to ourselves MAN, what am I doing wrong here? Well actually, I'm usually over here thinking, HEY- I'm lucky I made it out of bed on time to get to work with some semblance of normalcy and no bedhead! SCORE! BUT, what we don't always see is what goes on behind the scenes of creating these "perfect" photos. Believe me, I had no idea how bloody hard it was going to be to get just ONE normal looking shot for my blog posts. Let's be honest here ladies, I am not 5' 10" and a size 0!! My best friend, who is taking most of my pics has the patience of a saint (AND, luckily for me she enjoys photography), because she has to take about 50 photos before getting literally ONE pic at just the right angle that is decent enough to use...You know, so I don't scare you all away, LOL!

I will probably say this next statement a thousand more times throughout this blogging adventure- I want you ladies to see that I am just a REGULAR girl like all of you. I am NOWHERE near being any sort of perfectly put together person, HECK, it's hard enough for me to try to even convince myself I'm photogenic enough to carry on blogging most of the time! BUT, I will not let my insecurities deter me from trying to live out my dream here, AND, neither should you! AND, if I can rock a look, then so can you! Of course, we all have insecurities and parts of our bodies that we wish we could change- BUT, I am here to say WHY ARE WE SO HARD ON OURSELVES?!?! I talk about this with my co-teaching partner at school all the time, AND, I always say I wish we could see ourselves the way others see us!!!

I will come to school feeling like the bags under my eyes are large enough to hold all of next week's groceries, AND somebody will pass me in the hall and say, "Hey, you look cute today!" Sometimes I stop dead in my tracks and think, Do you need your eyes checked?? You are talking to me, raccoon eyes over here, right?? BUT, that is just point in case- ladies, we are just looking for the imperfections in ourselves, when we should be celebrating our bodies! These bodies that have seen us through a lot of days. These bodies that carry us through this amazingly wonderful, stressful, beautiful life! Nobody is picking us apart, or even probably noticing these imperfections, the way we think they must be- half the time, it's in our own heads. When I look at all my friends, co-workers, and even random women, I always appreciate the beauty that all of these ladies have to offer. AND, then I wonder to myself do they see how beautiful they are too?? That, right there folks, is why I started blogging- ladies, let's lift each other up! I always make a point of complimenting these women that I see, so that they can feel empowered and hopefully start to eliminate some of that negative self-talk.

Of course you are going to always get the haters who look at you and say, "Wow, are you feeling ok today? You look tired!" Which is just a nice way of saying they think you look like crap- to which I say, if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all, AND, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Maybe the next person on the street will think you look great! Why people feel the need to point things like this out, I will never understand. OR, sometimes I also get "OOOOH, wow, you look really short today, and oooh you didn't dress up!" UMMMM, I didn't know that just because I usually like to wear heels (because I'm only 5' 5") and get a little glammed up, means that I have to do that EVERYDAY?!? To which I say, I like to be comfortable just as much as the next person, AND, that doesn't mean I can't look stylish while doing so. Being "stylish" and "fashionable" is such a subjective thing- what I think is stylish, might not be your cup of tea! AND, that's OK!!! Always do you and be yourself! That's why I hope you know when I post about fashion, I am merely posting things that I happen to like. AND, you guys can take it or leave it if you aren't into that trend!

So in honor of DOING ME (because, NO, I don't always have to wear heels and get crazy dressed up to feel fashionable), I am linking some fun casual t-shirt dresses and comfy shoes today. I LOVE that women are rocking these looks more and more often because we shouldn't feel pressure to wear a certain kind of clothing ALL the time. This isn't the 1950s, and we are NOT June freaking Cleaver having to walk around with our pearls on everyday anymore. We should wear whatever suits our mood, whenever we want. AND, guess what, we can still look cute with whatever style we choose. Want to know the secret to rocking ANY look?? You got it girls, CONFIDENCE! Stop putting yourself down and do your DAMN thing! Go forth and be a lady of the 21st century...OH, AND, buy the comfy t-shirt dress. RANT OVER, hah!

Colleen and I casual outfit

Colleen's Denim Jacket

My Denim Jacket (rest of outfits linked below)

Tshirt dress collage
  1. Lira Clothing- Alana Side Slit T-Shirt Dress- $52 (Also comes in a nutmeg color.)
  2. Topshop- Scoop Back Ribbed Midi Dress- $32 (Exact one I am wearing in the pic, and it is SUPER comfy!! Also comes in white.)
  3. Leith- Ruched Long Sleeve Dress- $59 (Comes in other colors.)
  4. Caslon- Off Duty Tie Front Knit Dress- $59 (Comes in other colors.)
  5. GAP- Modern Boatneck T-Shirt Dress- $36 (Exact one Colleen is wearing in pic. On sale!! Comes in gray also.)
  6. GAP- Modern Stripe Boatneck T-Shirt Dress- $36 (Also on sale!)
  7. Express- Twist Front Dress- $34.93 (On sale! Also comes in gray.)
  8. Express- Tee Shirt Sheath Dress- $39.99 (On sale! I love the funky twist on the t-shirt dress on this one.)
  9. Free People- All Day Long Midi Dress- $50 (Comes in other colors. I love the kind of mock neck look to this one.)
Casual shoe collage
  1. Converse Chuck Taylor All Star High Top- $55 (Similar to pair I am wearing- my Converse shoes in the pic have more of a platform heel, but they sold out. The version linked comes in lots of colors!)
  2. Sam Edelman- Carrin Genuine Calf Skin Espadrille Flat- $109.95
  3. Steve Madden- Gills Platform Slip-On Sneaker- $79.95 (Comes in other patterns.)
  4. Adidas Superstar Slip-On Shoes- $90 (Comes in other colors.)
  5. Nike Air Force 1 07 Premium- $110 (I love the light pink shine to these- definitely on my wishlist!)
  6. Alice + Olivia- Ezra Flatform Sneaker- $195-$250 (Comes in other patterns, but I seriously love the little lips and tongues pattern!)

Photo Cred: The ever amazing- Kelsey Kristine Photography


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