Searching for Sunnies

So I will admit right here and right now that I am OBSESSED with sunglasses!! I love having a mix of sunglasses to choose from on vacation because it's an easy way to change the whole look of your outfit in a snap. I like having a classic pair or two to choose from, and I LOVE having some funky and fun pairs to choose from as well. There are so many different shapes and colors out there right now, it makes it so hard to choose!

Yes, I understand that sometimes it's easier to buy sunglasses in person because you want to make sure the shape and color look good on your face. But, what I've found is if it's a funky, larger pair of sunnies, they tend to look good on any and all gals. Some of the more classic aviator styles, especially if they have different sizes that you can order them in (for example, RayBan has sizing options), should be tried on in person to make sure they fit around your nose and ears without sliding off. But, if it's a one size fits all pair, you probably will have decent luck ordering online! Also, a fun little sidenote, if you shop online at The Sunglass Hut, you can "try them on" with their virtual models-which is kind of fun! Pick your face shape, style, and go!!

There are definitely some steals vs. splurges as for price range, but HEY, sometimes you just have to splurge on those accessories! Some of the styles I am wearing below are sold out, but I have linked similar styles for you guys! If you are daring, and looking to buy something new, check some of these out.

1.Try some fun colors.

I love the little pops of color that are in a lot of the lenses now! I have some fun pink and yellow mirrored lenses, and I think it just adds something fun and exciting to my outfits. Whether it's a pop of color in the lenses or the frames, it definitely adds some excitement to the glasses. Check out some of these options... (See picture 5 in collage- LOVE these fun yellow pair!)

2. Try some different shapes.

The funkier the shape lately, the more attracted I am to the sunglasses. Circular, octagonal, pointy, or even heart shaped- I know people might be looking at me funny when I'm wearing them, but HEY, I guess I don't really care! I love when I see people rocking some funky sunnies. To me it's just another fun way to express your individual style! SO GO FOR IT, GIRL!! Here are some neat options... (See picture 3 in collage- These awesome octagonal sunnies are my favorites!)

3. Try the CAT EYE look.

I feel like the cat eye look is super sexy and sassy. I love putting my cat eye glasses on when I am in a "screw it all" mood. They make me feel like I am ready to take on the day!! Plus, I feel like the cat eye look is flattering on almost every face shape. See what you think for yourself... (See picture 4 in collage- The juxtaposition of the cat eye frame with the round lenses make these so fun!)

4. Try the ever-chic tortoise shell or marble look.

To me the tortoise shell look reminds me of the very fashion forward darlings of the past. These sunnies, in my opinion, always look on trend and very sophisticated, yet fun! Take a peek at these... (See picture 1 in collage- I thought the blue marble in this pair of sunglasses was too fun to pass up!)

5.And if all else fails, just stick with the classics.

I admit, most days I go for a funkier look, but somedays I just want to stick with the classics. These sunglasses go with LITERALLY everything, and you can never go wrong wearing these shapes! Here's some classic must-haves... (See pictures 2 and 6 in above).

There you have it ladies! I hope you can find some fun, new sunnies to rock this summer! And, as always, if you HATED all of the suggestions above-take everything with a grain of salt. However, I'd love to hear from you about some of the styles you DO love. Again, I always get very excited to try something different out! Enjoy this sunny day all!


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