Self Doubt + Perseverance + My New Favorite Leggings Brand

The mantra I have seriously needed to focus on lately in life has been ALL about perseverance. Anybody else feel me? I have really had to rely on this mantra in all aspects of life, especially at the end of the school year here, because MAN my energy is slowly dwindling. I notice that when I feel really exhausted, I can get into a negative space inside my head, and that ominous shadow of self doubt just slowly creeps in and starts to take over. I'm constantly thinking Why did I do that? Why did I say that? You should just give up trying that! I don't know if that is just the exhaustion talking or what! I think any teacher (or professional) can relate- by the end of the year or season, it's like your engine is just running out of major steam, and you feel like you are operating on exhaust fumes. BUT, my students deserve to continue to receive the best from me, AND that is what I will give them to the best of my ability. BUT, hey, it's not just my students that deserve my best- I, too, deserve to give MYSELF my best. My theory is that if I am consistently striving to be the best version of ME that I can be, it makes it so much easier to be present and stronger for others in my life who need me as well. I think women are especially guilty of, giving, giving AND doing everything for others, that we forget to boost ourselves up and reach for our own personal goals! There's nothing wrong with taking care of ourselves first, ladies! Because in turn, it makes us better wives, friends, mothers, daughters, and all around people!

I have been really waffling about this whole blogging process since I started a couple of months ago. It has been a dream of mine for a couple of years now to just GO FOR IT, but now that I am doing it, I am second guessing myself A LOT! Will people enjoy reading what I have to share? Am I getting across the messages that I really feel are important? Will people receive these messages in a positive light? These (plus many more) are the anxiety producing thoughts that cycle through my brain repeatedly as of late, AND there have been many moments when I think I should just throw in the towel. Thankfully in my most heightened moments, I have been able to calm myself down with a little meditation (read my post on meditation and mantra beads)- AND, the mantra I have been repeating on my beads these last few weeks comes from author, Roy T. Bennett -Never let fear hold you captive. Never let self-doubt hold you captive. Never let frustration hold you captive. If I just give in to my insecurties and quit, I 100% know that I will always have regret and wonder what could have been. Ladies, does this mantra apply to any situations in your life right now?

Sometimes I feel like a hypocrite, bear with me here...SEE, I preach all day long to my students about persevering, reaching for all of their dreams, and ignoring the doubters. AND, I truly believe in those words- So why is it that when we firmly believe in the advice that we are giving to others, we don't listen to our own good advice in regards to our own lives?!? I sincerely hope I am not the only person who feels this way. I hear the positive reinforcement I give the kids all day long, but then I turn around and doubt myself. Doesn't quite add up here!!

Like with anything else in life, if I want to get better at something, I literally need to PRACTICE it on repeat! I know it sounds kind of funny to practice an abstract concept like perseverance, but I figure our brain is just like any other muscle in our body- if we don't give it the training that it needs, it will never function the way we want it to. AND, I feel like the best training that I have had in perseverance has come from my yoga practice.

I remember when I first started taking yoga classes over 13 years ago, I would look at the teacher contort into some insanely beautiful pose, and I'd allow myself to immediately fill my head with doubtful thoughts, UMMMMM- yaaaa there is no way I will ever be able to accomplish that!! Luckily I had the most amazing yoga teacher ever (who I literally have told many times, Your yoga classes saved my mental sanity in my darkest of days!! Thank you, Rachael!). She taught me to practice setting an intention and setting an attainable goal for myself, instead of obsessing about one pose or the end result. SO, little by little I chipped away and took baby steps forward in my yoga practice, and each time I ticked away another achievement, the more that self-doubt would melt away. The whole process has been such an enlightening lesson in self discovery and just how much our human bodies really are capable of if we allow our MINDS to believe we can surpass any limits. That was kind of a DUH moment for me- if my mind is saying no, my body will follow suit and visa versa! AND sometimes it may take YEARS to get the end result we want- because, you know what, sometimes great things don't have to happen overnight! HMMMMM- is this my way of telling myself to be patient with this blogging process?!?

I guess the reason I am sharing all of this with you, is partially because I think everyone sometimes needs reminders that they CAN power through and persevere...BUT, I also think I am the one who REALLLLY needed this reminder the most lately! I hope you find some of my more serious blogs helpful and relatable, because MAN is it cathartic for ME to write these things down and read them back so I can practice these things MYSELF too! For me, yoga hasn't been important in my life obviously just for exercise purposes, BUT instead it has helped empower me to realize where my inner strength really is at. I AM tough. I AM enough. I CAN do this, or anything I set my mind to, not just yoga poses either. I NEED to do these things for myself, and not worry about other people's doubts becoming my doubts. WE ALL ARE TOUGH, LADIES!! WE ALL CAN DO IT! Seriously, my friends, instead of focusing on all the things you thought you couldn't do, focus on all the things you already HAVE accomplished. Now that is amazing to me!

Me handstanding
Me handstanding

It literally took me YEARS to get over my fear of balancing and inverting. BUT, I finally got my crow pose, into a head stand, back into crow pose down! I so badly wanted to accomplish this, and doubted my ability for so long. MAN, did it feel good to finally nail this though!

Leggings linked below

Crop Top

I also have to share with you all my new SERIOUS legging obsession, speaking of yoga classes!! Have you gals heard of Koral leggings?!?! Legit, I want to live in these things. They are a little pricey, but worth every penny because they feel like butter! Check them out! (Local gals, you can get them at Yoga On The Lake!)

Koral leggings
  1. Koral Tempo Legging- $120 (Exact pair I am wearing. Seriously in LOVE!)
  2. Koral Lustrous High Rise Legging- $88
  3. Koral Sonar Legging- $90
  4. Koral Rhys Legging- $125
  5. Koral Knockout Cropped Legging- $100
  6. Koral Primary Evanesce Legging- $80
  7. Koral Frame Scuba Legging- $135
  8. Koral Envy Comet Legging- $120
  9. Koral Western Legging- $125 (Low in stock, check back for restocks!)

Namaste, people! Remember you are mighty! Have a great weekend!


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