Space User Sign-in & Registration Updates

Currently new user registration is disabled on the site. I'm still working on Google & Twitter login functionality. I haven't had much time lately to work on it so wanted to give those wondering an update.

The APKs page has been fixed up so you don't have to be logged in to download the files. The majority of people are creating accounts just to get the mods so if that's you, you can stop reading. If you're wondering about global 3.8.2 update - I'm not focused on that now, stop asking. It's not a forced update & 3.8.3 could be coming soon anyways.

For those wanting to register for Box features - I will be pushing out a way for you to create an account with Google sign in first & should have it ready in a day or two. Then Twitter. Eventually Facebook & possibly others.

After that I will be adding in account social linking for those of you that already have an account. Linking social accounts can be used to sign in & you won't have to worry about passwords, other than for the social account you have linked up.

I will post updates here as they happen. That's all for now.

Google Login has functionality has been deployed.


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