Super Smash Bros, I'm With Dunkey

Machoke, Bert & Ernie, Tony the Tiger from Cereal, Boss Baby... Dunkey got that fire under wraps. Although I would swap out Jimmy Neutron for Majin Buu haha. Either way, I don't think I have ever played a Smash Bros game before & wish Nintendo woulda gave a little more than their terrible flash news on this.

There's some competition in June for this game..? But it's not even out yet? How does that make any sense. So far I feel nothing but confusion and anger towards this game. It's pretty sad when a YouTubers comedy about the game announcement is more intriguing than the official "hype" builder release video.

Zero excitement. Zero intention to buy it at this point in time. Nintendo's just waving a stick with dogshit on it around in front of people's faces like that's what they want. Sorry, I'm not into that.


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