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Women Empowering Women

My aunt asked me yesterday why I decided to blog, and yes I somewhat explained this in my first ever post-but I really feel the answer to this question is SO important that I need to elaborate on it more. Yes, I am blogging because I love to write about fashion, working out, interior design, and things of that nature. BUT, the number one reason that I decided to blog was to try and EMPOWER women to really feel their greatest. If getting "glammed" up with some awesome new make-up helps you feel amazing and ready to take on the day, please use any of my make-up tips to help you out! If you have been wanting to switch up your wardrobe to help you exude that confidence that I know you ladies have inside of you, by all means, I hope you can find some fun new clothing ideas in my posts to help you accomplish that! OR if you are just looking to relate to a regular gal just like yourself, you have come to the right place!

Let me explain a little bit more about my life, so you can take that first step in relating to me...I have been knocked off my block quite a few times in life, as unfortunately I am sure all of you have been too...I have lived through the death of my father, a divorce, job woes, selling houses, renovating houses, financial burdens- you name it. BUT, I always reminded myself …

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Getting to Know All About You

So in my first post, I shared all things about our blog. I figured my next step should be to share all things about me, so you know who is over here typing all this crazy stuff... I will try and sum up my life with some quick facts for you-here goes nothing!

1. Aaron+ Lisa sitting in a tree

After 3 years of dating, Aaron and I just got married on August 5, 2017 on the amazing island of St. Lucia! Our destination wedding was the best, most stress-free, day ever with 25 of our closest family members and friends. Stay tuned for a post around our anniversary about destination weddings!

2. Family above all else

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All With a Grain of Salt- Welcome!!

Hi there! Welcome to our blog! I can't believe I actually bit the bullet and decided to do this- I have been wanting to start a blog for a LONG time because I love writing and love following all things in the blogging world myself. I love the idea that blogging can help bring people together from so many different places, with so many different experiences, with the common goal of sharing your inner thoughts in an attempt to share what works for you in this CRAZY world!

Which brings me to my title- All With a Grain of Salt. I asked my husband, Aaron, who is my kick-ass co-partner in this blogging madness, to build a blog with the intention of sharing with you ladies ideas and things that I have found to be helpful, interesting, and fun in my daily life. I am by NO MEANS an expert at anything in life, but that's what I find endearing about a blog. It's just regular ol' people trying to share regular ol' ideas, so we don't all need to be reinventing the proverbial wheel in life all the time. With that said, take all things I say WITH A GRAIN OF SALT!! Maybe what I say in a blog post rings true for you and you find yourself in total agreement with me and ready to try something new....or maybe what I say sounds totally ridiculous to you, and in that case, hopefully you just think that's not for …

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Teaching Lisa to use a CMS

This will be Lisa's first time using a content management system (CMS) and I'm starting to realize what I got myself into. I think once she starts trying things on her own she will get the hang of creating posts and making edits on the site. But when the TV is on she has no attention span haha.

The whole reason this was built was because she wanted to blog about fashion stuff. I've always thought blogs were dumb. As I was messing around with different platforms/systems to find one that I thought would be easiest for her to use, I started to make test pages and was kinda having fun doing it. So we figured instead of each of having our own we can just have a joint blog. She can talk about her hobbies & interests and I can cover mine.

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