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Finding a Path Away From Prejudgment + Jumpsuits

If you have been following my blog, you probably have noticed that I, of course, LOVE fashion and sharing the latest trends and such with all of you. BUT, I also really enjoy sharing things that are weighing on my mind and heart-some serious topics and some silly topics- but nonetheless, topics that are important to me. Hopefully you find this format appealing, because I feel like this blog is a bit of a metaphor for my real personality over here- serious, mindful, and reflective YET fun, crazy, and (trying to be) fashionable. I honestly think it would be disingenuous on my part to write in any different style for all of you because then you wouldn't be getting the full perspective of who I am. I always kind of find it a bit insulting when someone sees a person who loves to wear makeup, do their hair, and dress up, AND they immediately prejudge that person as not having many cerebral thoughts to bring to the table- OR, they immediately go to OH, she must be a very shallow person right away without even engaging in a discussion. I am here to say, that just because you may physically see one thing in a person, does NOT mean that you see the FULL picture! AND, that goes for ALL types of people!

We are ALL guilty of prejudging- don't act like we're not. BUT, this is something that I have been trying really hard to be aware of within …

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Comfiest Sweatshirts + Top 5 Books I've Read Recently

Sometimes I question my decision to continue to live in Wisconsin. It is seriously supposed to snow this weekend! UGH! Did I read the date correctly today? Oh ya, that's right, it's the middle of April. I guess we are just going to skip spring this year in the Midwest- GREAAAAT! Since I always try to look on the bright side of things though, I can think of three good reasons I do actually like the cold weather- FIRES, COMFY CLOTHES, & BOOKS!

I am making Aaron build a fire as we speak because I love cozying up in my comfiest duds with my Kindle on frigid days. I am such a book nerd, and always have been. I always blew everyone out of the water in our reading minute contests in elementary school because I would seriously read at least six hours every weekend (the requirement was to maybe read 30-45 minutes a weekend, HAH, but my parents couldn't get my nose out of a book). My whole family is a bunch of book nerds though, so my parents loved that my sister and I had a passion for reading.

I really enjoy most types of books, and I feel like I go through genre phases where I gravitate to one genre for a period of time until I get sick of that style. I have been in what I call "the feel good" romantic comedy phase for a long time now though. I think it's because I feel …

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