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What Does Your Shirt Say?- Buying the Best Graphic Tees

Have you guys ever read the Huffington Post's segment on "if you relate to these tweets, then you are probably married"? I read their round up of tweets (seriously click that link people, you won't regret it) when they publish them, and it just cracks me up! Of course I read them to Aaron, and we usually take turns rolling our eyes in sympathy for either the husband or wife, but man, are they funny because they are SOOO ACCURATE. If you don't follow the Huffington Post on Facebook or Instagram, YOU SHOULD, because they periodically post these hilarious round ups. As I am reading these one-liners I'm usually thinking, I wish I had a tee that said that!

Funny memes
Had to share some of my favorite FUNNY memes.
Inspiring memes
AND, had to share some of my favorite INSPIRATIONAL memes.

Obviously I am a huge sucker for any kind of meme, joke, or saying. I pin that stuff on Pinterest like it's going out of style. AND, my friends and I text each other our findings back and forth on really stressful days to get some laughing endorphins pumping throughout our bodies so we don't EXPLODE...OR, we text a good pick-me-up to remind each other that we will SURVIVE this craziness called LIFE! Let's be real, by Friday we are all SUPER stressed, so I always know I'll get back to my desk and find an end of the week meme waiting for me on my phone.

I actually find it kind …

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Hats Off To You

Does anybody else LOVE watching reruns of the I Love Lucy show? I have seen every single episode of that show from start to finish because my mom and I always loved watching it together. I feel like Lucy and I would have been kindred spirits- always drumming up and brainstorming crazy plans; our hubbies in turn, rolling their eyes at us, thinking we're absolutely nutty, and really the motivation behind all of these schemes usually has to do with earning more money to buy shoes, clothes, or FASHION!! LOL!

Lucy's insane wardrobe was definitely one of our favorite parts of the show-we always sat awestruck by her FABULOUS dresses and AMAZING hats! Every time I wear a hat, it reminds me of the classy ladies of the 40s and 50s- they ALWAYS wore a hat with almost every outfit. What a great way to spice up an outfit! Why don't we do this anymore, ladies? I find it so interesting to watch the evolution of fashion over time, and researching that era of fashion has always been my favorite. Man, it looked like so much fun to get all fancied up to go to a chic club to listen to a live jazz band and dance the night away! LOVE!

Lucille ball hats

This year, I have been getting more and more into wearing hats. Living in Wisconsin, of course, means that I have LOTS of cute winter hats. BUT, I have been stocking up on some really adorable spring/summer hats as …

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Why and Where I Buy Mantra Beads

It is no secret that this life can be extremely stressful and anxiety producing at times. Four years ago, I hit my lowest point ever after my dad passed away on a cold November day; six weeks after that my grandfather passed away, and two months after that my tumultuous first marriage finally needed to come to an end because I couldn't allow myself to be treated the way I was being treated any longer. As a Christian person, I was taught to pray, and trust me, I did A LOT of praying through it all (and still do). AND, eventually I can say I did make it to the other side. BUT, it was NOT an easy road by any means. In the midst of my most horrible days, while dealing with the aftermath of my whole world being turned upside down, I needed to find other coping mechanisms to calm my anxieties and to keep reminding myself that I WAS (AND STILL AM) WORTH IT daily!

greek worry beads
My grandpa had a set of orange worry beads just like this.

I grew up watching my grandfather sit with his Greek "worry beads" called komboloi (kombos means knots, logio means collection). In Greek, the name komboloi is short for the phrase "in every knot I say a prayer". I never understood why he would just continuously twirl and twirl the beads, until I became an adult with worries of my own. He would always look at me, while hanging onto his …

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Girls Night Out + Best Off The Shoulder Tops Under $100 For Your GNO

This week felt REALLY long! It probably doesn't help when it's the middle of April, and all you really want to do all week is hibernate because of the awful weather. However, I still will never understand why some weeks seem to just fly by and other weeks DRAG on at snail speed. The one thing that got me through this week is knowing that one of my best gal pals is in town this weekend from Minneapolis. YAY- something fun to look forward to!

I get so excited when my friends who live out-of-town are visiting because I rarely get to see them, you know, because we are all too busy ADULTING! UGH! Adulting is not for the faint of heart, let me tell you. I was just brunching this morning with another one of my girlfriends, (who I barely get to see, and we live in the same town, mind you-there's that adulting thing getting in the way again) and we were just discussing how hard it is to not stress, to make big life decisions, and to stay SANE while doing so. She has been so stressed lately, I watched her eye twitch all morning long, LOL. AND neither of us has kids yet!! Mothers out there-how do you do it?!? I bow down to you- you are amazing creatures!

WELLL, I have a guess for how I will survive if I do add a child to the mix- and that coping mechanism I think might involve …

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Comfiest Sweatshirts + Top 5 Books I've Read Recently

Sometimes I question my decision to continue to live in Wisconsin. It is seriously supposed to snow this weekend! UGH! Did I read the date correctly today? Oh ya, that's right, it's the middle of April. I guess we are just going to skip spring this year in the Midwest- GREAAAAT! Since I always try to look on the bright side of things though, I can think of three good reasons I do actually like the cold weather- FIRES, COMFY CLOTHES, & BOOKS!

I am making Aaron build a fire as we speak because I love cozying up in my comfiest duds with my Kindle on frigid days. I am such a book nerd, and always have been. I always blew everyone out of the water in our reading minute contests in elementary school because I would seriously read at least six hours every weekend (the requirement was to maybe read 30-45 minutes a weekend, HAH, but my parents couldn't get my nose out of a book). My whole family is a bunch of book nerds though, so my parents loved that my sister and I had a passion for reading.

I really enjoy most types of books, and I feel like I go through genre phases where I gravitate to one genre for a period of time until I get sick of that style. I have been in what I call "the feel good" romantic comedy phase for a long time now though. I think it's because I feel …

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One of My Favorite Places to Buy Earrings

Please tell me this has happened to you...You put TWO earrings away in your jewelry box, and you know you definitely had BOTH earrings when you put them away, but the next time you go to wear them ONE has magically disappeared!!! REALLY?!? How does this happen?? Ok, I know everyone says this happens with socks in the laundry, but who cares about socks?!? I can go buy a brand new pair of stinking socks at Target for less than five bucks. Now that you are getting to know me you should know that I NEVER wear socks anyway, so I don't care it they get lost. I just steal a new pair from Aaron's drawer then. BUT, I can't steal earrings from Aaron's drawers when I lose them-UGHHH!!

I'm not going to lie, yesterday I almost lost my mind looking for ONE measly earring. I swear it was there on Friday when I wore them last, but there I stood looking like a fool turning everything in my closet upside down! Poor Aaron got wrangled into helping me leave no corner unturned, but it was seriously nowhere to be found. AND, of course, I went to check if I could just purchase a new pair, but they were all sold out. NOOOOO!! (I know it shouldn't be the end of the world, but after an extremely loooong Monday, everything can seem catastrophic.)

Luckily, I calmed myself down after reorganizing the whole shelf where I keep my earrings because I …

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Celebrating Greek Easter In My High Waisted Wide Leg Pants- Trend Alert

I got to celebrate Easter today with my "Big Fat Greek Family" in Chicago. LOVE! Greek Orthodox Easter usually falls on a different weekend than when most people celebrate Easter because the Orthodox church follows a different calendar of events. AND, let's be real, I feel like we Greeks always just have to find an excuse to do things a little bit differently than the rest of the world, LOL!

Have you guys seen the movie "My Big Fat Greek Wedding"? No joke, that movie depicts exactly how my life was growing up (minus the spraying of the Windex, I don't know where they got that from)-but, literally everything else in that movie is FACTUAL! I had to go to Greek school to learn how to speak Greek; we always have loud, crazy family gatherings; we always have enough food to feed an army, and most importantly, I was taught that EVERYTHING on the planet was created by the Greeks (or so my father always told me). My dad was so convinced of this fact, that he SERIOUSLY wanted to come to one of my college history classes at one point to make sure that my professor was "doing a good job covering the contributions Ancient Greece had on modern society" after I accidentally started talking about how much the Chinese really had created- big mistake on my part!!! Ummmm, SERIOUSLY, Dad?!? Pretty sure my professor had it covered since she has a PhD in history!! OY! But, one thing's …

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