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Summer Drink Recipes

HEY, it was actually sunny and warm out today, which energized me a bit! I finally got out and did some weeding in my garden, which is so delayed for me because I am usually out there chomping at the bit to plant flowers in early May. I seriously LOVE gardening- it is so calming, and I love how flowers make everything look so cheery. BUT, with all of the uncertainty of what was going on with our current house, I kind of held off...PLUS, I have been lacking some major energy lately because of all of the stress of looking for builders and talking to banks to get the moving process going. ADULTING is no joke here people, LOL. Which is why sometimes I just need to relax with a good cocktail!

Every summer, I like to find a delicious new drink to enjoy on a hot day. SO, I decided to do some research on some FUN drink recipes. AND, man have I poured over recipe after recipe the past few days! There are SOOO many yummy ideas out there! I am usually pretty much a wino in all seasons, but there's just something about summer that makes me want to switch things up and try something new! Check out the top 5 recipes that I found that I think look DELISH...

1. Watermelon Sangria


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