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Waze Blip Sound Permafix (Almost, Still Trying)

So I can't stand the "blip" noise that waze makes when I veer off route - mainly when I'm leaving work (my destination is auto selected to home usually) and have to go down several floors to get out of the parking structure so my GPS tweaks cause it doesn't catches & loses the lock. I also can't stand it if I purposely wanna go a different route than what it's telling me and the thing starts blasting noise at me when I have some sorta audio playing.

ANYWAYs. I was due to update the app today and usually I just go in with root explorer and delete the file after the map updates and unpacks all the sounds again restoring the file I always delete. Not sure how I didn't think of this before, but it struck on me to create a blank mp3 file with the same name and alter the permissions/ownership of the file.

All this can be done with root explorer but I was at my desk so I just the following ADB commands:

bashadb shell
cd /data/data/com.waze/waze/sound/eng
echo "" > TickerPoints.mp3
chmod 0400 TickerPoints.mp3
chown root:root TickerPoints.mp3
ls -asl TickerPoints.mp3

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DB Legends Manual Account Backup

Legends has some decent account back up tools built into the game. You got Facebook, Google, & Twitter social platforms where you can store your progress in the cloud and have a way to restore if somethings goes bunk. However, there are a few fallbacks (or potentially from the game creator's view, benefits) of the social backup system.

Limited to restoring once every 24 hours

Pretty sure this restriction was put in place to complicate processing of third-party "stone" brokers. Hasn't stopped em & the fact that such services exist indicate the game currency prices are too high. Either way, it can cause some issues. Say for example you get a new phone, transfer your account, and then realize you wanna start your new device over and factory reset. Guess what. You have to wait a day before you can transfer your account & play again.

The limitation will probably never be an issue for the majority of players, but it does have potential to spark up some conflicts.

Can't access your social account

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Android Material 2 Messages (Rooted Devices)

The following assumes you have a rooted device, ADB configured, sqlite database knowledge, and basic command line skills. If you don't know what any of those mean or are uncertain about something, turn back now. Not promising this will work for everyone. Just sharing what worked for me.

Connect via ADB & run commands:

cp /data/data/ /sdcard/phenotype_m2.db
cp /data/data/ /sdcard/PhenotypePrefs_m2.xml


bashadb pull /sdcard/phenotype_m2.db
adb pull /sdcard/PehnotypePrefs_m2.xml

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Google Saves (Cleaner Pinterest)

Was playing around today in Google Now & ended up coming across all my Google "Saved" items on my phone. I thought these were being added to my bookmarks but when I checked on my computer they were no where to be found. Ended up finding em all at!

Google Saves

This is so awesome! It has saved images from search results (I was looking for a moveable cupholder for the couch haha), pages I've added to read later on mobile, lists I've created in Google Maps (Vacations/Places Visited/Want to go), and more. The design is very simplistic & minimal, which I actually prefer.

Google Save List View

You can create your own defined lists, similar to Pinterest Boards, and add items to multiple lists so you can be as organized with em as you want. This is something I have always wanted & the primary function I had for Pinterest. Except this gives you direct links to the content instead of the annoying zoom thing that Pinterest has.

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Bash Aliases

I love being able to create my own aliases with Linux. Instead of memorizing commands I can just add quick calls to the code for things I notice I do a lot! The following are just some basics that save me a lot of time.

Reload profile, shell environment setup

bashalias envsetup=". ~/.profile"

Display External IP Address

bashalias myip="wget -qO -"

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Regex Favs

These are some of my favorite Regular Expressions to use. Code samples are Javascript. Usually I will use combinations of these to get the results I'm looking for. Right now I only have a few, plan on adding more as I come across em & write em.


Character Removal/Manipulation

Non-ASCII Characters

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Rocket League Goals

Just messing around with the Switch's built in video capture. Joined a bunch of goals from Rocket League into a mini compilation.

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