One of the easiest things to do in life is complain. These are just some topics / ideas that I want to vent on whether or not anyone cares.

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Dokkan Battle Misleading Advertisement

Was asked to help rally the troops about the latest false advertising that occurred on Global version of Dokkan Battle double dokkan summon event. NateSA wrote up the following template for those of you who want to use a base for contacting & letting em know you're unsatisfied with what happened & want some action taken.

BluePiccolo will be live streaming in about 2 hours on this matter for those who want to find out more details:

Subject: Bandai Namco’s Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Misleading advertisement, poor official apology, and in game or in store refund request

We the Player Base have a legitimate concern as to the handling of the above mentioned title by the above-mentioned publisher. For the date range of April 20th 2018 through April 23rd 2018 the player base was never made aware of a misleading error in the advertisement for a major in game campaign. During these “100 hours” Tens of thousands of players used in game currency as well as money to purchase in game currency for this advertised event. Only after the event has ended did the publisher make a formal statement acknowledging there was a misleading error on one unit in the campaign. This error made it completely impossible to pull the advertised unit, simply because the unit does not exist in the form it was advertised and more importantly, was never included in the banner’s pool, despite being featured in the advertisement.

During this major celebration The publisher proudly …

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Splatoon 2 Needs to Fix Their Broken Matchmaking System

I always get first or second on my team, sometimes overall, but majority of the time my team loses. Really gets annoying. No one wants to always be losing. The main reason this upsets me is because my weapon rating goes down every loss. And why am I being penalized when I'm one of the top contributors to points for my team?? What more can I do? One person can't just get points for 4 people vs 4 people.

This is isn't the first game that rates its players by wins/losses. I pretty much quit playing Rocket League for this very reason. If I'm sucking at a game, I should be demoted. If I'm rocking it, my rating should go up. Simple as that.

But these moronic game developers are cuttin corners to sleezebag some money and shit out a game. Rankings should directly correspond to actions a player performs. I might as well play roll the dice. Although rolling dice probably would give me better odds than this junked up matchmaking system. Not to mention lack of instruction for the ranked battles. I had to watch YouTube videos to understand HOW TO PLAY. The lack of intuitive play in this game is pathetic. I should have just listened to dunkey.

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Waze Requests

Love Waze, use it pretty much any time I'm on the highway. There are a few things that I wish they would change:

  1. Develop an algorithm to provide earlier warnings for police reports
  2. Add options to be specific about what lane / side of the road the report is most relevant for
  3. Dispose of the annoying "Blip" navigation sound when breaking away from the suggested route

Police Trap Notifications

I am well aware that speeding is illegal and Waze isn't meant for ducking under the cops radar, but that is my primary use for it like it or not. Right now I think once you get within a half mile of where a police trap was reported you get a notification. That's great and all but if I'm doing like 90+ I'm going to have to hit the breaks pretty hard, and that's even if I can respond that quickly.

They really should come up with an algorithm to use your speed within the past like 30 seconds or something & based on that average calculate a distance when to alert users so there is enough time to do something about it.

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