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Current Hair Product Obsessions

I know you shouldn't be attached to a THING in life, and that THING should never define who you are. Which is why I hate to admit this, but I was SERIOUSLY emotionally attached to my hair. I have pretty much ALWAYS had long hair my whole life. I remember when I was little, a lady down the block would cut our hair, and my sister and I would trudge down to her house every couple of weeks because my mom made us go. ANNNND I would come home in hysterics every time because she "CUT OFF ALL MY HAIR"!!! Wah, wah, wah! Ok-really she literally cut off half an inch of my hair, and you couldn't even tell that it was cut, but that half inch was enough to put me over the edge. Someone should've told me to get a grip, girl!

Fast forward to haircuts as an adult, and sadly not much has changed! I always wait as looooong as possible before I schedule a haircut because it is such a traumatic event for me. Well, little did I know, that I was slowly killing my hair by not maintaining it with proper haircut intervals, and on top of it I was NOT using the correct hair products to keep my long hair healthy!!! UGHHH! So about 7 months ago, my hair stylist said it was time (cue traumatic music) to start over and cut all of my hair off...

Yes, I cried, and it took me …

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