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Appreciating Our Mothers (Appreciation Post #1) + Mother's Day Gift Ideas

This is going to be a hard post to write, not because I can't think of what to write, BUT instead because I have SO much I want to say about my mother. The other day I was over at my mom's house, and we were just chit chatting about how my day was at work. I was explaining how one of the kiddos at school NEVER sees their mom, and how the situation just stresses me out and breaks my heart. AND, as I was sitting there reflecting on this child's reality, I again had the overwhelming feeling to just squeeze my mom and simply say THANK YOU (this feeling comes over me often in the presence of my mother)!!!! Thank you for giving me the best life you could have ever given a child. Thank you for ALWAYS loving me and being there for me. Thank you for sacrificing and providing for me every DAMN day. I looked at my mom, and said I literally have ZERO negative memories from my childhood- how many people can honestly say that??? I was, and still am, so beyond blessed to have been born into this family, with these parents of mine, just being showered with love by them forever and for always.

I have said this before, but I will continue to say it a million times more- MOTHERS, you are magical creatures!! Forget wanting a princess or a unicorn or a mermaid to come to your birthday party as …

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