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Facelift for Your Windows

Sometimes I just stand in one of the rooms of my house staring and wondering what I can do to change up the decor because I am bored with what is currently in there. When I get the redecorating itch, I need to literally sit myself down and talk myself out of going to Hobby Lobby, Target, Pier One, or West Elm until I can cool my compulsive jets! When I feel like I can exercise some self control (and NOT go buy everything in sight), I usually go out in search of ONE or TWO new items to spruce up my space.

What I have learned through the ever-evolving style in my home, is that the one thing that can bring instant change to a room are CURTAINS! I think I have swapped the curtains out in my living six times in the four years that I have lived in our house. Aaron doesn't even notice when I change things anymore because he never has time to get used to looking at one thing in that space long enough in the first place (hmmm, maybe I'm onto something ladies-just slide that purchase right passed him, LOL. Either that, or he honestly could care less how I decorate).

A lot of my friends have asked me to help them pick out curtains for their homes, and I always follow these three rules...

1.If the room is darker, try to find crisp white curtains to brighten the space.

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