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Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze (Switch)

It is finally here! I started playing last night right when it was released but didn't play for too long & needed some sleep. Played through the 1st world, mainly because I wanted to play an infamous mine cart track level, and will prematurely say that this game has lived up to what I imagined it would be & more.

I haven't played a Donkey Kong game since Donkey Kong Country Returns for the Wii, not sure if there were any others in between..? Anyways. Initial Thoughts & things I liked right off the bat.

Gorgeous Colors & Graphics

The video clips & game play have beautiful renderings that run smoothly packed with vibrant colors, not saying past Donkey Kong games didn't have these attributes. Really gives life & a positive lively feeling to the game play.

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South Park: The Fractured but Whole (Switch)

I have no idea how far I am into this game but so far I have been loving it! Minus the battles against Connor. Always been a fan of South Park & this feels like its an interactive episode/movie which makes playing the game very enjoyable to me. This is the first game in a while where I actually WANT to see the fluff story clips & cut scenes!

The difficulty options actually line up to what I would expect (I chose easiest of course) & I'm not getting all upset about losing like I have experienced with other games on the easiest setting. I always like starting at the lowest level because I know I suck at games & if it's good enough, I will go back and play again on a harder setting.

Battle Mode

The game battles are turn based, very relaxed for the most part, and strategy counts for the most. As far as I know if you lose you can always replay. No need to worry about lives or having to start over.

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Rocket League Goals

Just messing around with the Switch's built in video capture. Joined a bunch of goals from Rocket League into a mini compilation.

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Urban Trial Playground (Switch) & Choosing Games

Picked up this game for Nintendo Switch cause it looked kinda fun & different from a lot of games available on the store. It is a bit quirky/cheezy BUT for the price point ($20.00) I feel like I will get good entertainment value out of it. I've been having really good luck with 20 and under games on the Switch.

Since the Nintendo Switch tells you how many hours you've played for each game (really nice feature that I did not see anywhere on PS4) I started evaluating games based on $/hour of entertainment. No, this doesn't fully quantify the real experience but it does help me with picking new games. But for example, Rocket League, I got for $14.99 on sale & have 165+ hours on it. That's $0.09 / hour for an amazing game I can pick up a match at home or on the go, great time killer since matches are only 5min or so.

Another thing I found to be kinda useful was to cross-reference my friends games and see if the top games they play are similar to mine. If so, I try to see if they have any crazy amounts of hours on games that I don't have. It at least gives me something to look into if I'm on a dry spell for new games.

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Super Smash Bros, I'm With Dunkey

Machoke, Bert & Ernie, Tony the Tiger from Cereal, Boss Baby... Dunkey got that fire under wraps. Although I would swap out Jimmy Neutron for Majin Buu haha. Either way, I don't think I have ever played a Smash Bros game before & wish Nintendo woulda gave a little more than their terrible flash news on this.

There's some competition in June for this game..? But it's not even out yet? How does that make any sense. So far I feel nothing but confusion and anger towards this game. It's pretty sad when a YouTubers comedy about the game announcement is more intriguing than the official "hype" builder release video.

Zero excitement. Zero intention to buy it at this point in time. Nintendo's just waving a stick with dogshit on it around in front of people's faces like that's what they want. Sorry, I'm not into that.

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Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Gameplay Trailer - Nintendo Switch

wooo! cant wait for this to come out! i think lisa is actually excited for this too since it has multi player & is a side scroller. love donkey kong, this reminds me of country for the snes, one of my all time fav games.

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Splatoon 2 Needs to Fix Their Broken Matchmaking System

I always get first or second on my team, sometimes overall, but majority of the time my team loses. Really gets annoying. No one wants to always be losing. The main reason this upsets me is because my weapon rating goes down every loss. And why am I being penalized when I'm one of the top contributors to points for my team?? What more can I do? One person can't just get points for 4 people vs 4 people.

This is isn't the first game that rates its players by wins/losses. I pretty much quit playing Rocket League for this very reason. If I'm sucking at a game, I should be demoted. If I'm rocking it, my rating should go up. Simple as that.

But these moronic game developers are cuttin corners to sleezebag some money and shit out a game. Rankings should directly correspond to actions a player performs. I might as well play roll the dice. Although rolling dice probably would give me better odds than this junked up matchmaking system. Not to mention lack of instruction for the ranked battles. I had to watch YouTube videos to understand HOW TO PLAY. The lack of intuitive play in this game is pathetic. I should have just listened to dunkey.

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