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Lovin' My Lancome Lipstick

Up until six months ago I NEVER willingly chose to wear lipstick. I know that sounds totally crazy since I love all things make-up related- BUT, I would put lipstick on, look in the mirror, and think WHOA who is this clown staring back at me?!? I think my hatred for lipstick started when we would have dance performances when I was younger, and we'd all have to wear the same putrid color of red. Of course, I always thought lipstick looked nice on other girls, but I felt a bit self conscious when it came to my own reflection in the mirror- would all they see are these duck lips walking in from across the room? Frightening thought at the time!

I don't know what spurred me on to try lipstick in my adult life, but I think I am finally to a point in life where I don't care as much what others think, and I'm just trying to do ME! AND, apparently the newest version of me feels like lipstick gives me a little giddy up in my step and a little pep to my daily look. AND, I have actually been wearing lipstick DAILY since I figured out how much I absolutely love it. I giggled at my students, because one day recently I decided to wear more of a neutral lip color again, and they asked me where my lips went, LOL! The things these kiddos notice! AND, for our teacher/student swap day, a group …

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There Is A Face Beneath This Mask- Origins Product Review

Does anybody else stand beneath fluorescent lights, looking in a mirror, and think to yourself "WHOA girl, where did that new little baby wrinkle come from on your face?!?!" Seriously, I don't understand why EVERY store, restaurant, and business feels the need to overly illuminate their buildings with these wretched lights! I leave the comfort of my naturally lit bathroom in the morning feeling somewhat still youthful and ready to take on the day, and then BAM, I go out in public and feel like I have grown 5 new fine lines in 5 minutes all because of the lighting. I guess the only plus of fluorescent lighting is that it makes me stick VERY closely to my skincare regime. I don't stray from my daily, nightly, and weekly skin care routine EVER in fear that my skin will completely wrinkle, shrivel up, and fall off. UGH!

OK, yes, I am being overly dramatic, especially because I am only 33 years old, and I don't really have thaaaaat many fine lines to complain about, YET...but I want to keep it that way for a LOOOOONG time to come! When my grandfather passed away at 96 years old, he probably had like 4 wrinkles on his whole body...I am seriously hoping and praying that I inherited ALL of his insanely amazing genetic code!! (Please, oh please, Lord!) But on the off chance, that I have been denied his pristine genes, I have been testing and trying lots of different brands and …

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