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Chicago Travel Ideas

This weekend I got to do a little girls getaway with my family to Chicago, which was really FUN! I grew up going to Chicago almost every month from Wisconsin (I live about an hour north of Milwaukee, and two hours north of Chicago) to visit my grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. We really don't have many relatives that live in the Wisconsin area, so I always felt like Chicago was my second home where I could go to be with family. We never really did a whole lot of "tourist-y" kinds of things when we were in the city though because it was just like HOME, where you usually don't appreciate all the activities that your area has to offer. BUT, for this trip, we decided to act like tourists and see the sights. It was an absolute BLAST, and made me fall in love with Chicago all over again, but from the lens of a visitor! If you haven't been to this city, you are missing out! It has so many amazing things to experience. Below is a little travel guide of things that we got to do this weekend.

1.Lodging: The Chicago Athletic Association

My uncle gets some really great deals at some of the hotels downtown through his company, so we decided to stay at The Chicago Athletic Association Hotel. The rooms were nice, BUT the coolest part of this hotel is the beautiful gothic architecture. I just got a new camera, so I was …

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