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Why and Where I Buy Mantra Beads

It is no secret that this life can be extremely stressful and anxiety producing at times. Four years ago, I hit my lowest point ever after my dad passed away on a cold November day; six weeks after that my grandfather passed away, and two months after that my tumultuous first marriage finally needed to come to an end because I couldn't allow myself to be treated the way I was being treated any longer. As a Christian person, I was taught to pray, and trust me, I did A LOT of praying through it all (and still do). AND, eventually I can say I did make it to the other side. BUT, it was NOT an easy road by any means. In the midst of my most horrible days, while dealing with the aftermath of my whole world being turned upside down, I needed to find other coping mechanisms to calm my anxieties and to keep reminding myself that I WAS (AND STILL AM) WORTH IT daily!

greek worry beads
My grandpa had a set of orange worry beads just like this.

I grew up watching my grandfather sit with his Greek "worry beads" called komboloi (kombos means knots, logio means collection). In Greek, the name komboloi is short for the phrase "in every knot I say a prayer". I never understood why he would just continuously twirl and twirl the beads, until I became an adult with worries of my own. He would always look at me, while hanging onto his …

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The Downward Dog Test

Who here has ever bought workout leggings on a whim without trying them on? Picture me over here, sheepishly raising my hand...I always think to myself as I am shopping either in a store or online, "OH I must have these leggings! Look at the pattern! I don't have any leggings this color! They are sooooo cute! Oh but I don't have time to try them on!" BLAH, BLAH, BLAH! Ok ladies, but here is the problem with buying leggings on a whim without trying them on first-SO MANY OF THEM ARE SEE THROUGH!!!!

It wasn't until one of my favorite yoga instructors asked me, "Don't you do the downward dog test when you buy leggings?" I was thinking to myself-DUH Lisa, why didn't you think of that first???? So what is the downward dog test, you might ask? Well if you know anything about yoga, you know that downward dog is a yoga pose where your ass literally sticks right up in the air while you are basically in a bent over position. If you are wearing leggings that are made with a very thin fabric this will be the pose where you just expose your skivvies to the whole world! YIKES!

So here's what you need to do to make sure this embarrassing moment doesn't happen to you, my friends. Anytime you are in a dressing room, or at home if you are ordering online, you stretch those suckers on over your legs and then turn around so …

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