Teamwork + Getting Ready For Summer Fun (Fourth of July)

In Sunday's post, I mentioned that Aaron and I were kind of thrown into transition mode the last week, with our upcoming changes with homes and such. I also explained how unsettled I was feeling about the whole process. I am a HUGE believer in intuition, and I believe your body has a crazy way of telling you when things are just not right! ALERT, ALERT! I was literally making myself sick to my stomach stressing about all of this crazy stuff, so I knew it was time to do a little reflecting. My goal in every stressful moment is to find the hidden lesson that I know is being presented to me. Here's the conclusion I have come to after the past CRAZY week...

Aaron and I have been married for less than a year, so we are still feeling our way through the communication process of being husband and wife...I know, I know, this is going to be an ongoing process that will last FOREVER because relationships will always take work. BUT, having come from a first marriage where there was such a horrible breakdown of communication, I have learned it is some of the most rewarding work of your life to stand beside your partner, AND to know that you are a part of a solid TEAM! We decided to slow this whole crazy week down, AND really talk and listen to each other (instead of scream like most people do when they are super stressed) and decide what we really want for our future TOGETHER. Just knowing that Aaron will ALWAYS have my back and I will ALWAYS have his has really calmed my heart and given me new perspective about this whole situation.

MAN, ladies, I just didn't know what relationships were supposed to look like in what I call my "previous life". I just lived this completely chaotic and overwhelming existence with nobody to be my true partner in this crazy world. OF COURSE, I had my AMAZING family and friends to support me and guide me, BUT I didn't have somebody to be my other half of the equation. Sometimes I come across pictures of myself from that time period in my life, and it's almost like I am looking at a completely different person. The sadness and light in my eyes had just vanished, and I was just a shell of myself. AND, then I stop and think how INCREDIBLY blessed I feel now to have found Aaron. NO, of course, no relationship is perfect- AND, like I said it takes TONS of work to stay on the same page as your spouse...BUT, how amazing is it to give love and simply receive love in return?!? That's all I could ever dream of for this life. So I stand here today, lesson learned, that in the throes of life's craziest moments, turn to that ONE person that you love and lean on each other... Love always wins...Love conquers all. It even conquers your eye twitch during your most stressful moments. AMEN!

Not to totally switch gears here, BUT, I have to mention that there are only THREE more days of school left!!! AHHHHH! Can you tell I am a little excited over here?!? I really do have a nice class this year, BUT I am so ready for summer!!! I obviously can't wait to spend lots more time with my hubby, which is most important, because during the school year we sometimes are passing in the night because I go to bed so early. BUT one of my other favorite parts of summer is celebrating the Fourth of July. There are so many fun festivities in our city during The Fourth, or some years we get to travel to Aaron's family's cottage that's on a cute, little lake. I'm a little bummed that I will actually be missing The Fourth this year though because I am heading to Greece for two weeks with my mom and sister (trust me, I'm not complaining though, HAH)...That's why I thought I'd link some FUN Fourth of July fashion a couple weeks early for those of you who are around to celebrate. I seriously LOVE dressing up for this holiday and looking patriotic- Check out the links!

Fourth of July fashion

We're ready for the Fourth! Outfit details linked below.

  1. Target Off the Shoulder Marylin Ruffle Blouse- $27.99 (Similar to the one I am wearing in the pic.)
  2. Amazon American Flag Sunglasses- $7.98 (STEAL, exact pair I am wearing in pic.)
  3. Etsy Patriotic AF Tee- $11.99
  4. Express Distressed White Denim- $88 (Exact pair I am wearing in the pic.)
  5. Etsy Star Spangled Tee- $11.99
  6. Target American Flag Kimono- $19.99
  7. Revolve Striped Wedges- $99 (Low stock, selling out quickly, but so cute!)
  8. Etsy American Flag Leggings- $55
  9. H&M Red Wedges- $29.99

Cheers to not being so stressed, and cheers to the beginning of summer! YAY!


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