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If you were a child in the 80s or 90s the word "BODYSUIT" can possibly evoke frightening memories... I have ALWAYS loved dressing up and coordinating outfits, even as a child. I lived a block away from my elementary school, and I was allowed to go home one day a week for lunch because they thought I had separation anxiety from my mom. WELLLL, little did they know the other reason I really wanted to go home at lunch was to go change into a new fancy outfit for the second half of my day. I know, I know-kind of ridiculous! One of my favorite outfits was this matching set that had a ruffly bodysuit with cute, colorful popsicles printed all over it with matching stirrup leggings, and of course, I had a matching bow to go with it. I seriously always wanted to wear this ensemble, and my mom would always look at me quizzically with the 'are you sure' look in her eyes. I never understood that worrisome look until IT happened- I peed in my pants trying to get that stinkin' bodysuit off!!! NOOOO!

I was playing at the neighbor boy's house (who I of course had a crush on) after school one day, and I was such a scaredy-cat who wouldn't use the bathroom at anybody else's house because I was afraid someone would walk in on me (LOL-it's called a LOCK, girl). I was having such a blast playing with all of the neighborhood kids, that I ignored my body's signals telling me- ALERT, GO TO THE BATHROOM NOW- AND, instead I just kept playing away. That is until it became an emergency situation. I remember running down the block to my house (again, heaven forbid I use their bathroom even in an emergency), crying, scolding myself for waiting so long. I got all the way to the bathroom at MY house, and I would've made it just in the nick of time- BUT, my little fingers couldn't unsnap that DANG bodysuit in time!! I'm sure my mom wanted to say 'I told you so' as she was down on her hands and knees scrubbing up my mess, but she didn't have to say it after she took one look at my mortified face. Needless to say, I didn't wear another bodysuit for the rest of my childhood.

So you can imagine my slight horror when bodysuits became popular again. Right about now, you are probably thinking, well why the heck is she writing a whole post about something she hates?? Here's the part where I really shocked myself- I tried a bodysuit on in an Express store on whim one day a year or so ago, more so to prove to myself that I was RIGHT and that they would still suck. BUT, man, I was wrong!! I actually loved how the bodysuit looked under a blazer and a cardigan that I had pulled into the dressing room with me. I also liked the fact that it gave me that tucked in look, without the weird lumpy fabric bulges in your pants (you all know what I am talking about). AND, the best part was that the bodysuit sucked me in in all the right places, and looked SO fun with a belt!!! My one reservation that I had as I was standing there, having a flashback to my childhood incident, how would the unsnapping of this bodysuit go??? Because let's be honest here people, I am a teacher who has to hold all urges to go to the bathroom for hours until I have some free time...would I make it to the bathroom with a bodysuit on at school?? Just imagine that report going home to parents at night from my students- "My teacher peed her pants today...." UMMM, ya, I'll pass on that! BUT, much to my pleasure, unsnapping that sucker was super easy! (It probably helps that I have more agile, "adult" fingers now. Little kids don't exactly have the greatest fine-motor skills yet, so I should give my childhood self a little break!) It has now become an obsession of mine to find the perfect bodysuits, and I have to say I have found some really good ones!

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My two favorite places to buy bodysuits so far are Express and Nordstrom. I have linked my favorite selections from each spot below. I am linking the basics only today, gals- basic cami, long sleeve, or short sleeve bodysuit options. I literally have been wearing one of my basic bodysuits under or with almost every outfit lately. As I mentioned above, I LOVE them under a cardigan, kimono, blazer, or as an undershirt under a sweater that I want tucked in. I also can't wait to wear my cami bodysuits with high waisted pants and skirts when the weather gets even nicer out! These seriously just smooth your top half out and put a nice finishing touch on my OOTD. Sometimes for a super casual look I will also wear my thermal bodysuits as the only layer on top, with a fun belt, casual shoes, and then funk it up with some cool accessories (check out my pics below for a more casual look- you know, since it's still a little chilly in WI). Anyway you style it, ladies, I think bodysuits are such an amazing option (but maybe only for adult fingers to deal with, LOL).

Bodysuit pics
Bodysuit pics

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Express bodysuits
  1. Ribbed Thong Bodysuit- $29.90
  2. Express One Eleven Bra Cami Bikini Bodysuit- $29.90 (LOVE the built in bra on this one!)
  3. Express One Eleven Strappy Seamed Thong Bodysuit- $29.90
  4. Lace-up Crochet Ribbed Thong Bodysuit- $44.90
  5. Express One Eleven Tube Thong Bodysuit- $24.90
  6. Express One Eleven Henley Bodysuit- $44.90 (Exact one I'm wearing in pics above.)
  7. Fitted Long Sleeve Essential Shirt Bodysuit- $59.90
  8. Off The Shoulder Thong Bodysuit- $34.90
  9. Express One Eleven Twist Neck Thong Bodysuit- $49.90
Nordstrom bodysuit pics
  1. Felina Crisscross Back Bodysuit- $36
  2. Intimately FP Thong Bodysuit- $88
  3. Topshop Sleeveless Floral Applique Bodysuit- $50
  4. Honeydew Intimates Ribbed Bodysuit- $36 (FYI-this one doesn't have snaps on the bottom, so you have to pull it completely down to go the bathroom- BUT I still love this one and have it in gray and black!)
  5. Felina Body Zone Ribbed Henley Bodysuit- $38
  6. Good Body Asymmetrical Bodysuit- $82.90 (Love this twist on a basic black bodysuit- would be fun with some dressier jogger pants and heels!)

Here's to finding a bodysuit that works, my friends! AND may you always be blessed with swift fingers to unsnap your bodysuits quickly in your time of need! Trust me, it's worth the risk because I love me a GOOOOOD bodysuit! Have a great Tuesday!


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