Finding a Path Away From Prejudgment + Jumpsuits

If you have been following my blog, you probably have noticed that I, of course, LOVE fashion and sharing the latest trends and such with all of you. BUT, I also really enjoy sharing things that are weighing on my mind and heart-some serious topics and some silly topics- but nonetheless, topics that are important to me. Hopefully you find this format appealing, because I feel like this blog is a bit of a metaphor for my real personality over here- serious, mindful, and reflective YET fun, crazy, and (trying to be) fashionable. I honestly think it would be disingenuous on my part to write in any different style for all of you because then you wouldn't be getting the full perspective of who I am. I always kind of find it a bit insulting when someone sees a person who loves to wear makeup, do their hair, and dress up, AND they immediately prejudge that person as not having many cerebral thoughts to bring to the table- OR, they immediately go to OH, she must be a very shallow person right away without even engaging in a discussion. I am here to say, that just because you may physically see one thing in a person, does NOT mean that you see the FULL picture! AND, that goes for ALL types of people!

We are ALL guilty of prejudging- don't act like we're not. BUT, this is something that I have been trying really hard to be aware of within my own mind. Just as I don't want people to formulate opinions about me one way or the other, so too does almost everybody else on the planet not want judgment passed upon them. SO, why do we continue to do this? I know, I know, many people will argue that it is human nature and these thoughts just "pop" into their heads without warrant. BUT, that's where we need to mindfully listen to the chatter in our heads, and work to combat these thoughts. If we allow our censorious ideas to win, we LOSE out on meeting, and learning from, so many amazing people in this world.

This topic reminds me of a book I recently read...Since I love reading so much, my friends are always suggesting different books that I MUST read (AND, I definitely think this is a must read for everyone)- The Book of Joy, by the Dalai Lama, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, and Douglas Carlton Abrams. YES, you read that correctly- the Dalai Lama wrote a book together with a Christian Archbishop. One might be quick to judge and think that this would be an extremely difficult task since they are on very different planes of thought, with very different beliefs. AND, many people I'm sure did pass judgments on each side of the coin by thinking what does a Buddhist monk have in common with a Christian archbishop...BUT, you know what they have in common, ladies?? HUMANITY!!! They are both living, breathing PEOPLE, who were able to see beyond their differences and go forth without judgment and with love, learning from a fellow man. Mind-blowing, I know. YES, I am a Christian person too, like Mr. Tutu, AND YES, I too would rather take his lead of non-judgment and LOVE, than worry about what others will say about me as I am just trying to reach out to the fellow humans I share this planet with. GOALS!

I feel like we go out into the world with blinders on sometimes. Instead of going out with the intention of learning, loving, and accepting people for who they are and the IMMENSE amount of things that we ALL have to offer- we go out with a predisposed notion of what we think it must be like for others. I kind of touched on this in my post about the pressure to be perfect- we think this person or that person must either have this PERFECT existence, OR we judge and think, Oh that poor person, and we look down on them based on what we see or hear. OR, we think that based on certain attributes (that are predetermined by us alone), a person may not be worthy of our time, OR whatever the prejudgment may be. When really some of the most interesting and educational conversations that I have ever had, come in the most unexpected places at the most unexpected times. Which I think is just SO amazing! The little, old man selling straw hats from his boat on the beach on vacation who shares about his dying wife and his immense LOVE for her, which is why he's sitting in the scorching hot sun to sell things for mere dollars. OR, the ten-year-old in my dance class who just schooled me on American history (though they are small they CAN be but mighty). OR, the mom behind me in line at the grocery store with her four kids who seems frazzled and ready to blow, but shows the most immense amount of patience instead and kindness as I spill a cracked milk container all over her cart. OR, somebody you thought you knew from high school, when really high school was 16 years ago, and NOBODY is that same person anymore.... All times that I thought I had a person pegged in my mind as being "this way" or "that", and all times I was ASHAMED that my mind allowed me to prejudge.

So I say, let's turn around, people- out of the darkness, AND learn to love each other for who we really are! I know I have to work on this too. BUT, think what an amazing world this would be if we all took even just one step forward, instead of three steps back in this matter. Doesn't matter who you are, what you look like, where you come from, or where you've been in life in your past- if we are giving respect, then we ALL deserve respect in return!

Keep scrolling for a much lighter topic twist- where to find some amazing jumpsuits like we are wearing in the pics below.

Colleen and I jumpsuits on the tracks
Colleen and I on the tracks in jumpsuits

Jumpsuits linked below.

Other outfit details:

My earrings- similar

My shoes

Jumpsuit collage
  1. VICI Joni Pocketed Denim Jumpsuit- $58 (Exact one I am wearing in picture. Also comes in white.)
  2. Nordstrom BP Chambray Apron Crop Jumpsuit- $35.40 (On Sale-similar to one I am wearing in pics.)
  3. J.Crew Marseille Cotton Chambray Jumpsuit- $118
  4. Express Striped Cut-Out Woven Jumpsuit- $69.90 (Exact one Colleen is wearing- rainbow color is SUPER popular this season!! SO FUN!)
  5. Nordstrom Leith Stripe Convertible Halter Jumpsuit- $79
  6. Nordstrom Socialite Double Tie Front Jumpsuit- $65
  7. Express Strapless Sweetheart Neckline Jumpsuit- $88 (Also comes in black.)
  8. Urban Outfitters Gia Plunging Shimmer Jumpsuit- $79 (LOVE! I am ordering this to wear to a wedding this summer. The sheen on the fabric makes it dressy enough, in my opinion, for a wedding! Also comes in navy.)
  9. Urban Outfitters Out From Under Elsie Cinched Cutout Jumpsuit- $49 (Super comfortable fabric. Also comes in a brownish color.)

Photo Cred- The ever amazing Kelsey Kristine Photography.


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