There Is A Face Beneath This Mask- Origins Product Review

Does anybody else stand beneath fluorescent lights, looking in a mirror, and think to yourself "WHOA girl, where did that new little baby wrinkle come from on your face?!?!" Seriously, I don't understand why EVERY store, restaurant, and business feels the need to overly illuminate their buildings with these wretched lights! I leave the comfort of my naturally lit bathroom in the morning feeling somewhat still youthful and ready to take on the day, and then BAM, I go out in public and feel like I have grown 5 new fine lines in 5 minutes all because of the lighting. I guess the only plus of fluorescent lighting is that it makes me stick VERY closely to my skincare regime. I don't stray from my daily, nightly, and weekly skin care routine EVER in fear that my skin will completely wrinkle, shrivel up, and fall off. UGH!

OK, yes, I am being overly dramatic, especially because I am only 33 years old, and I don't really have thaaaaat many fine lines to complain about, YET...but I want to keep it that way for a LOOOOONG time to come! When my grandfather passed away at 96 years old, he probably had like 4 wrinkles on his whole body...I am seriously hoping and praying that I inherited ALL of his insanely amazing genetic code!! (Please, oh please, Lord!) But on the off chance, that I have been denied his pristine genes, I have been testing and trying lots of different brands and products in hopes of keeping my skin in tip top shape. One brand that I have really taken a liking to is the Origins brand. Check out my top 3 Origins products...

1.Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask to Clear Pores

This mask is seriously awesome!! I use this charcoal mask once a week (I do use other masks to help with other areas of skincare throughout the week, and I will do future posts on those brands as well, so stay tuned). This particular mask is so cleansing for your skin though. I feel like it just sucks all of the toxins and YUCK out that are stuck in your pores. I make sure to wash and dry my face prior to using the mask, and then I lather and layer the charcoal away. You have to wait about 30 minutes for the mask to really harden and get into your pores, but after you wash the mask off, your face SERIOUSLY feels like a baby's bottom! By cleansing your pores, you are minimizing the appearance of those pores ladies, giving your face a fresh, more youthful appearance. SCORE!

2.Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask

I also use this mask once a week, and it gives your skin some SERIOUS hydration that it needs, especially in the harsh and dry Wisconsin winters. OY! Another reason our skin can have the appearance of more and more fine lines is because it's dehydrated. This Origins mask uses plant based ingredients along with avocado oil, mango butter, and seaweed to give your skin that fresh drink it's so desperately seeking! Plus, this mask has a yummy, earthy scent to it that you get to fall asleep smelling since you leave this mask on all night long!

3. Origins Ginzing Refreshing Eye Cream to Brighten and Depuff

OK, does anybody on this planet wake up with bright, fresh, perky looking eyes (yes read that with a really annoying high-pitched voice and an eye roll)? Or are you guys like me-you wake up, pissed off it's so flipping early, and your eyes just happen to represent the darkness brewing inside you??? Since, you know, waking up at 6am is for the damn birds!!! WELLLL, if you happen to be like me (AKA not a morning person), you should definitely try this brightening and depuffing cream! It has a little shimmer to it, and seems to cover the dark, sleepy circles under your eyes really nicely. Definitely worth a shot ladies!

As always my friends, I hope you find some of this information useful. These 3 products only scratch the surface of the skincare products that I love, and I definitely will be posting about all of my favorite products as we go here at RenzyLand. I didn't want to give you information overload and review too many products at once though. Stay tuned for future skincare posts! Have a super night, friends


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