Spring/Summer Shoe Obsession

My family used to jokingly call me Imelda Marcos, and I would always look at them like WHO in the world is this lady you speak of- BUT, my dad would just chuckle and not tell me...WELLLL, when I was in high school it just started to become more commonplace for people to have home computers with internet access (which took FOREVER to dial-up and connect to the internet in the first place, OY), and we all had very BASIC cellphones- SO I obviously couldn't just whip out my smartphone and Google who this Imelda person was quickly. My dad, being the history buff/book lover he was, always encouraged us to do research to find answers to questions we had in life (instead of just telling us, DARN, never the easy way out)...so of course, one day as I was supposed to be doing research for a school project at the library, I got distracted looking for a book on Imelda Marcos instead.

SOOOO, what I found was that this woman was married to a former brutal dictator from the Philippines!!! WHAT? REALLY, DAD?? No wonder he wouldn't tell me who she was! You guys couldn't find someone more positive to compare me to?!? I was sitting there fuming at being compared to this controversial person, BUT, as I was skimming through the rest of the book, I found it- the ONE AND ONLY comparison my father could have seen between Imelda and little ol' innocent me...SHOES!!! Lo and behold, this woman was seriously so obsessed with shoes that when a group of protestors stormed her palace, they found over 2,700 pairs of shoes!! WHOA!

So obviously I don't have that many pairs of shoes- BUT, in my dad's eyes it was early in the game and it seemed like I was starting an "Imelda" sized collection of shoes already at the age of 15. I seriously LOVE shoes so much, that starting in high school my dad decided to put together special shelving in the garage to house all my shoes! Thinking about the ridiculous amount of shoes on those shelves makes me kind of giggle. There's just something about a new pair of shoes that has always sent little zings of excitement up and down my spine. (I know, I'm wacky- I'm ok with that though!)

My shoe addiction has definitely NOT diminished since high school, unfortunately for my husband. I actually just did some spring cleaning because my shelves (yes, I still have special shelving for my shoes in my current house as well) and shoe closet literally felt like shoes were puking out the closet door. I couldn't even walk in the closet to find a match for the shoes that had fallen off the shelves. WELLLL, let's be real, I did try to walk into the closet and almost sprained my ankle walking on top of piles and piles of discombobulated shoes, OY! I was proud of myself though-I got rid of TEN big bags of shoes! YAY! AND, now my shoes line up so neatly on the shelves. Organization- another thing in life that sends those happy, zinging feelings up my spine. LOL!

I guess the point in telling all of you this story is to warn you that you will probably see LOTS of posts about shoes here on the blog. I am going to start by rounding up my favorite spring and summer shoe purchases that I have made so far this season... Check out the links below!

Shoe obsession
  1. Go Jane- Ruffle Around The Edges Strappy Heels- $24.36 (Sitewide 40% right now- The green color is sold out, but they have black and pink. I plan on wearing these with a fun dress for a wedding we have in two weeks- SO FUN!)
  2. Zappos- Kristin Cavallari Laurel Peep Toe Bootie- $149.90 (Great transition bootie between winter and spring weather! Comes in 3 different colors.)
  3. DSW- Dolce Vita Shae Wedge Sandals- $79.99 (These come in 4 other colors than the gray that I have pictured. LOVE!) Similar- ASOS Glamorous Wedge Espadrilles -$60 (These are similar in the fact that they are neutral and go with everything. I have these pictured in my shoe pile pic above.)
  4. Revolve- See by Chloe Glyn Wedge Espadrilles- $255 (SOOO- I splurge every summer on one pair of fun shoes, and these were my treat this year! However, I had a gift card and some Nordstrom Notes, so I got them for half the price. YAY! I literally had to do some research for you guys because these are sold out everywhere- but you can preorder them through Revolve!! SCORE!)
  5. AE- Oversized Bow Slide Sandal- $34.95 (I forgot to put these in my shoe pile pic above, but I have these and LOVE them. The yellow pair that I have is almost sold out, but there are 3 other colors that seem to be fully stocked. These remind me of my Sam Edelman bow slides that I got last year that I seriously wear all the time. I'm sure I will wear these a ton this summer too!)
  6. Target- DV Elaine Espadrilles Mules - $24.99 (Such a steal, and so comfy!)
  7. Soludos- Classic Striped Sandal- $65 (Super comfy, love with a casual outfit!)
  8. VICI- Mischa Faux Suede Bow Flats -$28 (These dupes are such a deal, especially because designer pairs like these are WAY more expensive!)

Happy SHOE shopping ladies, and have a great weekend!


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