Urban Trial Playground (Switch) & Choosing Games

Picked up this game for Nintendo Switch cause it looked kinda fun & different from a lot of games available on the store. It is a bit quirky/cheezy BUT for the price point ($20.00) I feel like I will get good entertainment value out of it. I've been having really good luck with 20 and under games on the Switch.

Since the Nintendo Switch tells you how many hours you've played for each game (really nice feature that I did not see anywhere on PS4) I started evaluating games based on $/hour of entertainment. No, this doesn't fully quantify the real experience but it does help me with picking new games. But for example, Rocket League, I got for $14.99 on sale & have 165+ hours on it. That's $0.09 / hour for an amazing game I can pick up a match at home or on the go, great time killer since matches are only 5min or so.

Another thing I found to be kinda useful was to cross-reference my friends games and see if the top games they play are similar to mine. If so, I try to see if they have any crazy amounts of hours on games that I don't have. It at least gives me something to look into if I'm on a dry spell for new games.

So back to Urban Trial Playground. It's an Extreme Sport kinda game, grabbed my attention 1st. Looks a bit redundant but easy to pick up and play whenever or what I like to call a good bathroom game haha. I did not see anyone else on my friend list that had this game but that's where ya just gotta pick and try something out.

There are a ton of stages & maps/locations and each stage has several missions to complete. There's just something fun about driving a dirt bike across buildings and jumping stuff you normally wouldn't see in real life.

The flips and wheelies are really fun. There are a lot more tricks you can do too but these are the ones I've been doing the most. Only downfall is the joystick controls can be a bit touchy, mainly just on the menus though. And the character selection is limited to 2 people but that doesn't really make that much of a difference to me. Game play is great. Check out the video below if you wanna see a little clip of me thinking I'm cool!


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