Waze Blip Sound Permafix (Almost, Still Trying)

So I can't stand the "blip" noise that waze makes when I veer off route - mainly when I'm leaving work (my destination is auto selected to home usually) and have to go down several floors to get out of the parking structure so my GPS tweaks cause it doesn't catches & loses the lock. I also can't stand it if I purposely wanna go a different route than what it's telling me and the thing starts blasting noise at me when I have some sorta audio playing.

ANYWAYs. I was due to update the app today and usually I just go in with root explorer and delete the file after the map updates and unpacks all the sounds again restoring the file I always delete. Not sure how I didn't think of this before, but it struck on me to create a blank mp3 file with the same name and alter the permissions/ownership of the file.

All this can be done with root explorer but I was at my desk so I just the following ADB commands:

bashadb shell
cd /data/data/com.waze/waze/sound/eng
echo "" > TickerPoints.mp3
chmod 0400 TickerPoints.mp3
chown root:root TickerPoints.mp3
ls -asl TickerPoints.mp3

Then I launched the updated app, let the map & files update as normal, and checked the TickerPoints.mp3 file AND IT WORKED! YAYYYYY!


I lied. Shit worked at first and then ended up clearing the whole directory and back to square one lol... I did a couple more tests and found that if I changed the owner permissions on the sound directory the app would fail to load. So next time there's an update I think I will only try changing permissions on that one file instead of chown & chmod.


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