Waze Requests

Love Waze, use it pretty much any time I'm on the highway. There are a few things that I wish they would change:

  1. Develop an algorithm to provide earlier warnings for police reports
  2. Add options to be specific about what lane / side of the road the report is most relevant for
  3. Dispose of the annoying "Blip" navigation sound when breaking away from the suggested route

Police Trap Notifications

I am well aware that speeding is illegal and Waze isn't meant for ducking under the cops radar, but that is my primary use for it like it or not. Right now I think once you get within a half mile of where a police trap was reported you get a notification. That's great and all but if I'm doing like 90+ I'm going to have to hit the breaks pretty hard, and that's even if I can respond that quickly.

They really should come up with an algorithm to use your speed within the past like 30 seconds or something & based on that average calculate a distance when to alert users so there is enough time to do something about it.

Another thing about police traps is it will only give you alerts if it was reported on your side of the road. A lot of times I don't care what side a police car is facing. Just that one is coming up. Often the reports are inaccurate and the cop is facing my side & never get any sort of notice. Rather be safe than sorry.

Lane Options

Accidents, roadkill, car on side of the road, construction, etc. are all wonderful things I like to know are coming up but what would be even better is if I was fully aware of where on the road it is, especially if there are multiple lanes. Knowing this information would give me an opportunity to better avoid the situation instead of, "oh shit it's on this side," and then have to quickly move over or get stuck behind it waiting for someone to let me in.

Right now it's pretty much like someone telling you something bad is going to happen but not giving you the details to do something about it. At that point it's hard to say it even helps & might be better off not even knowing.

Remove the Navigation "Blip"

I have sounds set to alerts only and every time I break course from the navigation path, or am in a parking garage and my GPS can't get a lock, I get that annoying blip noise and want to smash something. Fortunately, I root my device and can access the app data files and manually remove the "TickerPoints.mp3" file every time it does a language download / app update.

I'm sure it drives other people mad. If I didn't know how to do tech stuff and find/remove the mp3 file I think I would abandon using the app entirely.


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