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So if you are following the blog, you probably saw that my first post back after getting home from vacation was about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale...I wasn't going to post about that originally because every blogger and their mother posts about it...BUT, I of course got sucked down the rabbit hole of excitement <insert forehead smack>. Of course we all love a good sale, BUT after really reflecting on it (and after getting really kind of smothered by all of the sale hype on social media), I decided to delete that post. I don't want my blog to just be about pushing people to spend money in one particular place, or to spend money at all for that matter, if you don't want to! I will always be a LOVER of fashion, and give you gals shopping info and links here on the blog about certain trends. BUT, I hope you all know that I am never trying to be pushy or suggest that I know it all- I merely suggest things that I personally think are kind of neat to share. I do LOVE Nordstrom, and I did make a FEW purchases from the sale, no big deal here....However, sometimes I look at the other seemingly perfect bloggers out there, and their seemingly perfect lives, and think SHEESH how do they do that or how can they afford ALL that haul-like 12+ bags FULL of clothes in one trip?? Yes, I understand some of them are sponsored and get free swag from the stores, and I would never begrudge them that. That's totally awesome for them! BUT, that's where the rest of us gals need to not let ourselves fall victim to the comparison game!!! Because in the end, the stuff you get from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (or any material possession really) in 2018 isn't going to be what fills up your cup in life!

The other fact of the matter here is that you need a Nordstrom credit card to shop the sale early. I do have a Nordstrom VISA card (which I mentioned if you read the original post that is now gone), BUT I did also mention that I would NEVER push anyone to sign up for credit cards because the interest rates just aren't worth it! Aaron and I have worked very hard to eliminate credit cards and debt from our lives, and I am proud to say that we each only have one credit card (mine is the above mentioned Nordstrom VISA) that we use sparingly now, or we pay off the balance if we use it shortly thereafter. YES, of course, there are perks to certain credit cards, BUT I think we should be promoting responsible spending on our blogs too! There should be more posts about how to build savings accounts or where to invest money for young people because I feel like we are so inundated with messages of SPEND, SPEND, SPEND, that it's so easy to fall into that trap. Trust me, I am no expert at any of this stuff, but I am slowly learning how to be wiser with my money from my husband.

So you know what, if you don't want to sign up for a Nordstrom card or ANY card- DON'T! I'm sure there will be other items or other sales, OR even better save for something you really have been wanting. You won't be missing out if you don't get a certain item from this particular sale, OBVIOUSLY. I sincerely apologize if I made you feel that way with that original post (nobody called me out or anything, I just wanted to apologize all on my own, if you were wondering), or if I ever make you feel that way with any posts. That is honestly NEVER my intention! I will always try and promote buying only what's in your budget (which is why I try to link things in all budget ranges), saving for a rainy day, OR doing what is right for YOU and your situation! AND, the most important thing I will EVER promote here on the blog is looking around and really noticing all of the blessings that we ALREADY have in our lives, right in front of our noses- things that CANNOT be purchased from a sale...

Here are the things in life that fill up my cup, AND here are the things that I would be missing out on if I didn't have them in my life...AND, guess what ladies- ALL OF THESE THINGS ARE FREE!!

1.My Husband

This guy right here fills up my cup daily...WELL, in this pic he literally filled up my cup, but figuratively speaking too! HAH!

2. My Family

My beautiful sister and mom...and my dad was here in spirit too watching over us.

3. My Friends

Photo Cred: Kelsey Kristine PhotographyJust a few of us gals, always having fun together! I couldn't live without my girlfriends!

4. My Dogs

Photo cred: Kelsey Kristine PhotographyMy baby, Herc dog.

Photo cred: Kelsey Kristine PhotographyThe princess dog, Ruby.

On the flip side, if you really are into the Nordstrom sale, that is totally awesome too! They do have some amazing deals, and if the timing is right for you to do a little shopping right now, GO FOR IT GIRL! All I am saying, friends, is that we all need to sit back and reflect on what is right for us in the moment. It's so easy to look at images on social media and see that all of these people got to buy TONS of stuff at Nordstrom this past week, and it's hard to not compare your current situation to theirs. DON'T FALL INTO THAT TRAP! And, furthermore don't EVER allow yourself to fall into that trap- not just this week, but every week!! HEY, I have these thoughts too... Wow, how does she keep her long hair looking so beautiful? She has soooo many awesome clothes. Man, I wish I could look like that in jeans. She has the most perfectly tanned skin. WHOA, her eyelashes are perfect. Her house is gigantic!.... And on, and on, we go down the sink hole of comparison! BUT, we have to stop this madness before it takes over our lives!!! We have to work on appreciating the blessings that we already have surrounding us as well!

I feel like in my 20s I was especially sucked into the comparison game, BUT I have worked really hard at quieting that harmful chatter in my mind. I think after you go through some pretty major stuff in life (divorce, death, struggles), you come to realize what is really important. Life is fleeting, and I choose to spend life filling up my cup with what's important to me. The other thing you realize is that not everything really is the way that it appears from the outside. After my divorce, MANY people said Man, I didn't realize you guys were having problems! You guys seemed so perfect for each other. It seemed like you were always having so much fun!...NOT!!! AND, to this I say, everyone sees what we want them to see. We portray our lives the way we WANT people to perceive our life really to be. BUT, in many instances we show them only the happy moments that occur in between the struggles and pain. Let me tell you, nobody's life is perfect....AND, if they tell you it is, then they are in denial themselves.

We all struggle with something here or there in life. YES, I am VERY lucky to have so many beautiful people and blessings in my life- my husband, my family, my friends, my dogs- BUT, life is never perfect, and you have to WORK at nurturing all of these relationships. You don't just snap your fingers and have a perfect husband/relationships with others- you WORK to make beautiful relationships with these important people in your life. It also takes a lot of physical WORK at our jobs, day in and day out, to be able to afford any spending we'd like to do. Not many people post pictures of themselves in the trenches of this WORK, obviously because those aren't the amazingly breathtaking shots that everyone else will enjoy...BUT, trust me in between all of the awesome pictures we see of everyone's lives on social media, there are a million day to day images that could be posted of all the hard WORK, blood, sweat, and tears that it takes to keep putting our best foot forward on this planet.

SO, HEY, like I said, if you saved up or are financially in a place to buy LOTS of neat things from the Nordstrom sale- ROCK ON! If you are saving for something different in life- KUDOS TO YOU! If you just want to spend your hard earned money elsewhere or keep it in the bank- AWESOME! I guess the point in my writing this post today, is to remind you guys why I really started blogging- AND, that is to help empower women to BE YOURSELF and DO YOU! I hope I never insult any of you by coming off too pushy, because that truly is NEVER my intention. Going back to my very first blog post, please take everything I say with a grain of salt. What I like, or what works for me at this point in my life, may not be what you like or enjoy. AND, in that case I am NOT offended in the least if you say HEY, Lisa, I didn't really relate to that post today- BUT, I hope you do decide to come back to the blog periodically to check to see if there is something you do like or enjoy at a later date. Ladies, have a great week, and please have fun with the Nordstrom sale OR don't...either way remember to do what works for you.


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