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My aunt asked me yesterday why I decided to blog, and yes I somewhat explained this in my first ever post-but I really feel the answer to this question is SO important that I need to elaborate on it more. Yes, I am blogging because I love to write about fashion, working out, interior design, and things of that nature. BUT, the number one reason that I decided to blog was to try and EMPOWER women to really feel their greatest. If getting "glammed" up with some awesome new make-up helps you feel amazing and ready to take on the day, please use any of my make-up tips to help you out! If you have been wanting to switch up your wardrobe to help you exude that confidence that I know you ladies have inside of you, by all means, I hope you can find some fun new clothing ideas in my posts to help you accomplish that! OR if you are just looking to relate to a regular gal just like yourself, you have come to the right place!

Let me explain a little bit more about my life, so you can take that first step in relating to me...I have been knocked off my block quite a few times in life, as unfortunately I am sure all of you have been too...I have lived through the death of my father, a divorce, job woes, selling houses, renovating houses, financial burdens- you name it. BUT, I always reminded myself that I should feel blessed through it all-especially because I know some of you out there are going through things that are a MILLION times harder than I have ever had to deal with. I felt grateful through it all because each of those valleys in life taught me such an immense amount of lessons and has given me an immense amount of strength to claw and scratch my way back up to the peaks- and, when you get up to that peak again, man do you really appreciate the view!

Yes, I blog about EXTERNAL beauty topics like make-up, hair, and clothing-BUT, there were so many days in my life where just thinking about simply showering was an exhausting thought...AND, now that I am on the other side, and my INTERNAL happiness is restored, it has been exciting for me to take that control back over my life and body. For me, one way that I have always expressed internal confidence is through fashion- so getting up and putting that make-up on again and styling my hair again has been exhilarating. Working out to take care of this body of mine again-this body that has carried me through the hardest of days- has been simply EMPOWERING!

Here is where I need to stop and give an EXTREME amount of credit to all of the ladies in my life- my mother, my aunt, my sister, and all my girlfriends- for lifting me up in my time of need. They NEVER gave up on me, and they NEVER let me give up on myself. They reminded me daily that I was deserving of happiness. They made me get up, get dressed, go out, and keep living life! They new I felt most like myself when I could get my glam on, and they kept encouraging me to do so. AND, that right there ladies is why I want to blog for all of you-I want to be a part of your team of ladies who help to EMPOWER you. I want to pay this form of kindness forward, the strength that was shown to me, tenfold.

My closest band of cheerleaders in life

So ladies- I hope visiting my blog always puts a smile on your face, and gives you a little spring in your step... because, seriously, you DESERVE it!!!

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